Can You Make Your Car Dealership More Attractive?

Can You Make Your Car Dealership More Attractive?

The best way to be more attractive to customers is through your online presence which is the result of an excellent marketing strategy.

More customers than ever are starting their car buying process online which makes it extremely important for you to have an automotive marketing strategy that works great for your brand. Let’s look at some ways you can attract more customers.

Turn Your Online Persona into Leads

Every action you take online should have the same goal; to bring more leads to your dealership. You have to be the place that has the answers that customers are looking for to make sure they will go from looking at your vehicles online to stepping inside your dealership to buy a vehicle from you. Here are some ideas to improve your online presence.

Are You Putting Enough Effort Into Social Media?

More people than ever are finding what they want on social media and making buying decisions right from the posts or platforms they use every day. More than 90 percent of car shoppers say that social media influenced their decision and you need to use it to attract more customers. You want to use the platforms to generate organic leads that can be turned into sales.

Here are some ways that you can make this happen:

• Share posts that link to relevant landing pages on your site

• Ensure your contact information is part of your profile

• Encourage users to subscribe directly to your Facebook Messenger Bot

Other great ways to obtain the best results are to use Instagram and Facebook Lead Ads, LinkedIn Dynamic Ads, and other social media paid ads. With the use of these features, you’ll have paid and organic leads to bringing customers to your dealership.

Review Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

If you’re using PPC campaigns to help bring more shoppers to your website, you’re at least halfway to offering ads to those looking for cars. One of the greatest benefits of these ads is the fact that you don’t pay for them unless a user clicks on them. This means the user takes action and could eventually be a lead that becomes a customer for you. You’ll make your dealership more attractive to online shoppers and save some money when you use PPC.

Build a Local Partnership

Some types of marketing to improve your reach and make your dealership more attractive to your customers come in the form of some gold old partnerships between businesses. If you’re a full-service car dealership with a repair shop, you may partner with a ride-share company to recommend their services whenever a customer has a car in the shop.

In return for your referrals, the ride-share company could recommend your dealership when new drivers are looking for their next vehicle. Not only can you do this through in-person referrals, but both companies can add some information on their websites to showcase the partnership you’re building together. Think of other ways to create partnerships together and how you can build a strong presence in your local community.

Create a Referral Program for Your Customers

Even though most customers don’t purchase a vehicle every year, knowing they can get something free simply by sending their friends and family members to you can be beneficial. You can create an online referral program through social media or your website while also offering a physical referral program at your dealership. Offer a free car service with a limited value, a gift card, a cash reward, or an accessory that can be installed at your dealership as a reward for referrals.

Community Events can be Huge for Your Car Dealership

Show that you care about your community and your dealership will be more attractive to the people who live and work in your area. When you host events that are fundraisers, you want to help the cause and make as much money as possible. This is a good time to get your social media apps out and share what’s going on at your location.

Of course, you want to announce the events you’re going to host several days or weeks before the time of the event. You can do this on your website, through your blog, on social media, and through your email marketing. There are many ways to reach your customers and let them know they can buy a car and make a difference at the same time.

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