Will Your Company Join the Progressing QR Code Revolution?

Will Your Company Join the Progressing QR Code Revolution?

In the world we live in right now, you can’t shake a stick around you without seeing a QR code. Will your company benefit from their use?

These codes are used to give you easy access to information about products and services and the codes are programmed to take you to the page intended by the creator of them. If you haven’t begun using them in your business, it might be time to start.

QR Codes Have Been Around a Long Time

You might not realize that QR codes have been around since 1994. At that time, they weren’t widely used and seemed to be a gimmick rather than a tool that made sense. When first created, you had to download a separate app to scan the code to then be directed to a website page. This was a clunky and tiresome process that didn’t catch on at all.

Smartphones Made These Codes More Useful

Over the past several years, with the advancements made in smartphone technology, scanning a QR code has become much easier. Today, all you needis the camera of your smartphone and you can be quickly directed to the webpage associated with the code. This gives you instant information about the product or service you’ve scanned and will bring you to the page that’s been programmed to the code.

The Pandemic Made Using a QR Code a Must

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, avoiding contact was a must for most people. Whether it was for payment from services, looking at a restaurant menu, or to learn more about products, using these codes made it possible to get information from a distance. In fact, as many businesses reopened, these codes became a necessity to give customers full access to information they would need without sharing items like menus and paperwork.

QR Codes Still Pose a Security Risk

One of the biggest risks associatedwith the use of QR Codes is security. These codes can be hacked and information stolen from customers, which causes serious problems. Hackers can embed a URL into the code and if you don’t use some caution and accidentally open a code that has the wrong URL, information can be taken. This is still an issue, but one that’s being worked on.

Can You Make Use of the QR Code Revolution

To benefit from these specialized codes that look strange butcan be programmed with a lot of information, you need to do a bit of research. There are many great ways for you to understand how you can use these codes to benefit your company and improve your engagement levels with your customers when they want to dobusiness with you.

Learn from Others in Your Industry

The use of QR codes goes beyond contactless payment for transactions. Many businesses use them to offer special sales and contests, behind-the-scenes content and engage with a specific group on social media. You can make use of these codes as part of your digital marketing strategy to showcase and
engage better with an interested audience. If a person scans your QR code, they must want to learn more about what you offer, making them an easy audience for your content.

Test The Codes to See if They Benefit Your Business

Do you want to see proof of concept that using QR codes can benefit your business? Start by using them for something simple such as a booth at an event, for a contest you’re running at your location, or as a way to promote a specific product. You can have a QR code at your location and let visitors sign up for the contest through this technology.

Don’t Force the Use of QR Codes for Your Business

Implement tools to track the use of the QR code you’re using for the contest or content that you’re presenting to your audience. If you notice that you’re not receiving the desired traffic or none at all, you don’t need to force the use of these codes for your business. Because there are inherent risks and benefits to these codes, if they don’t work for you, try something else.

Are You Ready to Put a QR Code to the Test?

Now that you know more about these codes, you might consider putting one to the test or seeing if you can make use of them in several areas of your business. You might find using a QR code for additional information works better for you than using them for payments. Let them work right for your business and see how easy it can be to have them as part of your digital world.

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