Compact SUVs to Bolster Your Marketing

Compact SUVS

With the almost sudden rise of popular electric vehicles (EVs) and the increasing prices of every vehicle on the lot, many shoppers are looking towards compact SUV models to get a reliable and value-driven vehicle.

That means your dealership has an opportunity to steer shoppers into your showroom by focusing on compact SUVs like the Hyundai Venue, Honda CR-V, and Toyota RAV4.

Why Drivers Are Looking At Compact SUVs

Let’s face it, recent times have changed the way consumers are looking at cars. There are tons of advantages to driving a compact SUV over other options. Even shoppers who are used to driving full-size cars are considering making the switch to small crossovers. The fact that many large sedans are no longer in production helps, but there are several elements you can focus on in your marketing to get shoppers thinking “SUV.”

Car-Like Handling

Since compact SUVs are built with the classic unibody design, you find in modern cars. The body and frame are one component as opposed to larger SUVs that use body-on-frame construction. The end result is handling that is exactly like a car. Drivers who are worried about making the switch can be reassured that they won’t be driving tanks around town.

What a compact SUV like the Hyundai Venue offers that you can’t get in a sedan is a higher seating position. That means a better view of the road, which is a clear improvement. Many SUVs even offer an option for all-wheel-drive that can provide better handling on various terrains.

Excellent Gas Mileage

Anyone who’s been behind the wheel of a large SUV has noticed that the larger engines seemingly chug gasoline. Compact SUVs, on the other hand, offer much greater fuel efficiency. You still get all of the interior space and riding position that you find in a larger SUV, but without the extra cost for fuel.

Increased Safety

When two vehicles collide, energy is transferred from the heavier vehicle to the smaller vehicle. That’s why a crash with a semi-truck is so dangerous. Even a small SUV has more weight and size than a large car. In fact, if an SUV and sedan collide, those in the SUV are seven times more likely to walk away from the accident unharmed.

Modern compact SUVs also come equipped with tons of safety systems and driver-assist features. The Hyundai Venue, for example, has Hyundai’s innovative SmartSense suite of features that you may not find on cars.

Pro-Active Consultative Sales

One of the most powerful tools in the sales advisor’s tool bag is consultative sales. This technique is simply listening to what shoppers are looking for and then making recommendations that scratch where the shopper itches.

A pro-active approach is when you anticipate what shoppers are looking for and market those solutions upfront. In the current market, where prices are higher and inventories are limited, you can market with almost clairvoyant precision.

By showcasing how compact SUVs on your lot offer excellent safety scores, tons of power, stylish looks, and amazing value, you can bolster your overall marketing plan and get people in the door. That’s when your team can turn on the magic and create a new customer.

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