Buick Avenir- is it worth the price tag


We all know luxury is not known for being cheap. We expect to pay more for the name and quality that comes with it. However, what happens when a nonluxury brand moves into that space. The expectation of paying more for a normally affordable brand becomes a hard pill to swallow. So how did General Motors do it? They introduced a whole new trim level of GM excellence.

This new sub-brand is called Avenir, with impressive increased comfort and quality. This certainly isn’t the first we have seen of a brand coming to market with a new line. Nissan has Infiniti, Toyota has Lexus but they are sister brands. The Avenir is a trim line to be added to the makes and models produced by Buick.

Yes, You Have to Pay More

For the Buick LaCrosse, purchasing the Avenir model will cost you $3,700 more than the current model. This is more than the top of the range the LaCrosse Premium. The Premium model starts for $42,095, while the AWD LaCrosse Avenir will give you a price that begins at $47,995. Yes, you will pay more to have the Avenir version of this large premium sedan for the drive. This new sub-brand from Buick allows the brand to move farther up the market without being a full-on luxury brand. It’s an impressive strategy from GM.

More for Your Drive

When you choose the new Buick LaCrosse Avenir, you will have a three-dimensional mesh chrome grille.  Avenir script badging on the doors, 19-inch Pearl Nickel wheels, Chestnut dash, and door trim. The Avenir embroidered first-row headrests, Avenir scripted sill plates, and a navigation system. We also must mention the Bose CenterPoint Surround Sound premium audio system, and a panoramic sunroof. This impressive model of the LaCrosse is only offered with the 3.6-liter V6 engine that pumps out 310 horsepower. While being attached to a nine-speed automatic transmission and giving you the benefits of AWD for the ride you need to make on the road. Yes, you’re going to be able to choose this top trim, and yes, you do have to pay a bit more. The market research done by Buick shows that nine out of ten buyers of the LaCrosse choose the top two trim levels, which makes adding the Avenir to the top of this vehicle one of the most intelligent choices the Buick team could think of. This is a car that is smooth, elegant, impressive for the drive, and filled with luxury-level quality to be the car you’ll want to have when you choose to have a fantastic trip on the roads you travel every day.

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