Understand the New Toyota Supra

Understand the New Toyota Supra

The new Toyota Supra hasn’t arrived for us to be able to drive a dynamic sports car from Toyota with the name we trust and understand.

The Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept has made its debut and offers us a conversation worth having. There are several things we need to and want to know about the new Supra and what it may offer when it’s time for the drive that can be great for you on the roads and out on the track.

Even though we don’t know all the details, we can certainly enjoy the fact that we know some of what the new production version of the Supra will offer.

Weight Balance of the Toyota Supra

The new Supra promises to offer a perfect 50/50 weight balance which is likely part of the BMW influence because of the development of the Supra and the new Z4 together. This balance allows the new Supra to offer the driving dynamics you want when you head out on the road or take it to the track. This car will have double the body rigidity of the current Toyota 86 and a lower center of gravity to ensure you can have the ride you’re looking for.

Maybe a Manual

There may be a manual transmission offered in the new Supra but we don’t know for sure. Even so, the leaders of the Supra project have confirmed that a manual transmission will make perfect sense in the Supra to ensure we can have a car that’s a lot of fun to drive while offering us all of the dynamics we want for the drive on the road or on the track. We’ll know for sure when this car hits the production line, but these rumors certainly give us hope for a manual drive.

Engine Confirmed for the Toyota Supra

The power for the new Supra has been confirmed as the turbocharged straight six-cylinder engine we want and expect. This engine has been considered an indispensable element to the drive you’re looking for in this amazing sports car. There may even be an electrically assisted power steering system and torque vectoring to ensure you have the controls you want to handle the power that you enjoy from under the hood. While rumors have surfaced of a hybrid model, these have been nixed and we won’t see any hybrid models of the Supra when it shows up on the market.

Porsche Influences

While the direct partnership in the development of the new Supra has been with BMW, Porsche has influenced this car as well. This indirect influence is the result of Toyota purchasing every new model offered by Porsche to study it and learn what they can and how they can add some of these influences to the Supra. With that in mind, the new Supra may feel and ride similar to a Porsche when it hits the market, which makes it an exciting car that we’ve certainly been looking forward to for several years.

Toyota Supra GR Models Maybe

The concept model offered, which is the GR Supra Racing Concept is the first concept model of the first production car that would use the GR name. Does this mean we’ll see the GR moniker used as a sub-brand from Toyota for the future with a GR version of nearly every model in the brand lineup? That’s still to be seen in the future but certainly allows us to think about what it might be like to have the GR name added to a variety of the models we love to drive from this brand.

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