Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Used Electric Vehicle

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Used Electric Vehicle

Buying a used EV is a good alternative to buying a new one, and as more EV make their way to used car lots, there are more options available.

But, before you jump into purchasing one, there are some things you’ll want to consider. In some ways buying a used EV is similar to buying any used car found at used car lots, but battery range, and charging needs are important factors to keep in mind.

Take A Good Look at the Maintenance History

Any time you buy a used vehicle you want to have a good idea of how it was taken care of, but the maintenance history is especially important with a used EV. EVs tend to require very little maintenance, so there should not be a lot of items on the list.

Since electric vehicles have fewer moving parts, there is no need for oil changes, and other components tend to last longer. The regenerative braking system helps to slow the car, so the brakes don’t get used as much, which means they will last for more miles than you would see with a gas-powered vehicle.

Check The Battery Size and Charging Capacity

One of the wear items on an EV is the battery itself. In most cases, EV batteries will last between 12 and 15 years, but this can fall to between 8 and 12 years if the battery is used in an extreme environment. You’ll want to have the battery checked to see what kind of charging capacity it still has, because it will degrade over time. Keep in mind that most batteries are warrantied for eight years, so if you find an EV on a used car lot that is under eight years old, the battery is still under warranty.

Ther size of the battery may also play a role in your decision to buy an EV or which EV you choose. Battery size affects range, so you’ll want to consider how far you need to drive each day. If it’s just around town and you can plug in each night at home, even a smaller battery will be fine. If you think you’ll be making longer trips, you’ll want to find a used EV with a larger battery.

Where Will You Charge?

Do you know where you will charge your EV? There are several different types of EV charging stations, including a standard outlet, which is a level 1, or the slowest charging rate. You’ll want to find out where you have access to EV charging stations along your regular daily drives, and decide if you want to have a faster charging station installed at your home.

A Level 2 charging station is a good place to start. It will get you about 25 miles of range per hour depending on the vehicle. If you need a quick charge, make sure you know where Level 3 charging stations are located. Some EVs can get over 100 miles of range in an hour when plugged into a Level 3 charger.

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