Kia Seeks to Dominate the Affordable EV Market

Kia Seeks to Dominate the Affordable EV Market

When drivers head to the Kia dealer, they’re already finding more affordable EVs. The trend should only continue as the manufacturer believes it has the advantage in the US.

What’s the Automaker’s Secret?

What places Kia in such an excellent position to capture the low-cost EV market? It’s simple. The automaker is ahead of the crowd in technology development and intends to market its vehicles at scale, allowing for more affordable EV pricing at the Kia dealer.

An EV for All

Kia has designed its new “EV for all” plan to compete with Chinese automakers such as BYD. The South Korean company has committed to developing and launching smaller, more affordable electric vehicles.

Overseas, the South Korean automaker launched the EV5 with starting prices of around $20,000 in China and $40,000 in Australia. Though the EV5 won’t be coming to any American Kia dealer immediately, the automaker plans to launch several other affordable EVs in the US.

Getting Ahead of the Crowd

According to Kia America’s COO, Steve Center, the company is ahead of the game with new low-cost EVs about to launch. As he points out, “You can’t just jump in and catch up.” Instead, the automaker is putting all its resources toward getting a head start.

The next EV to hit the Kia dealer in the US will be the EV3. The compact SUV resembles a smaller version of the EV9, and that’s intentional. Kia has taken the design and tech from its already-established EV SUV and placed them into a smaller, more affordable vehicle.

The EV3’s concept is minimalist and nature-focused, featuring plant-derived materials and a single screen for both the infotainment center and driver display. However, when it hits the American market, it will feature Kia’s ccNC infotainment system.

With prices starting at around $30,000, the EV3 should be a hit when it debuts in the US in mid-to-late 2024.

When Will Your Local Kia Dealer Get an EV Sedan?

Kia isn’t just getting ahead of the crowd in the EV SUV segment. The automaker also plans to release the EV4, an entry-level electric sedan, in 2025 or 2026.
Though little information is available about the EV4, the automaker claims it will be “a symbol of innovation.” Their modern take on a traditional concept will also be affordable enough for buyers on a budget, with prices starting at around $35,000.

Kia EVs Create a Whole New Playing Field

The automaker plans to build the new EVs in an American factory to sweeten the deal even more, allowing buyers to qualify for the Federal EV tax credit. However, executives believe it’s not just savings that will convert more drivers.

According to Center, the development of EVs levels the playing field. Automakers get a fresh start with former brand enthusiasts because not all manufacturers have a full line of electric vehicles.

If a buyer’s favorite brand doesn’t have the right EV for their needs, they’ll look elsewhere for options. The automaker plans to be there for drivers ready to enter the exciting new world of electric vehicles but is concerned about how it will affect their families’ budgets.

Drivers who are already thinking it’s time to invest in an EV can visit the Kia dealer to see what’s available and discuss options for pre-purchasing the new EV3.


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