The Kia Sedona Gives You Grand Utility

The Kia Sedona Gives You Grand Utility

Later this summer, the 2021 Kia Sedona will make its debut and it will have changes that you’ll be glad to see if you’re looking for a new minivan.

The Sedona will remain a minivan, which is great for taking your family around, but it will gain items that aren’t inherently part of the minivan class. It might be more realistic to call the new Sedona a Grand Utility Vehicle and give you more capability on the road.

The Basics of the Kia Sedona

When you see the new 2021 version of the Kia Sedona, you’ll probably wonder what all the fuss is about. This new version is still going to be a minivan and it certainly looks like its great for carrying your family where you need to go. While this is a fact from the basic form of this van, you’ll find some SUV attributes for the new fourth-generation version of the Kia Sedona.

Lots of Minivan Activity in the Coming Months

You might wonder why the Kia brand feels the need to upgrade the Sedona. Isn’t the minivan market dying out? Actually, when you see what’s going on in the world of minivans, you’ll quickly realize that the Sedona needs updates to keep up with the rest. Here are some of the changes you’ll see in the coming months:

Toyota Goes Hybrid

Its time for the Toyota Sienna to be improved and offered with more of what we want. For this reason, the Toyota brand is giving us an all-new, all-hybrid version of the Sienna to make it easier for you to use your family hauler and be a good example of eco-responsibility when you take a drive. This will be the second hybrid model in the minivan segment, competing with the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid for your attention.

Chrysler Adds More Traction

That’s right, the Chrysler Pacifica will be offered with an AWD package to give you the added benefits of four-wheel traction during your drive. It almost seems as if the Toyota and Chrysler teams got together and swapped ideas. Now you’re going to have two AWD minivans in the market and a pair of hybrid versions to give you a direct comparison between the Toyota Sienna and Chrysler Pacifica.

Honda Updates Not Revealed

The most popular minivan in the market continues to be the Honda Odyssey. We know there are updates coming for this minivan, but we’re not sure what those improvements will be just yet. The fact that we’re unsure of the changes makes us wonder if Honda has cooked up a hybrid version of the Odyssey, an AWD package for the minivan, or a complete redesign to their successful and impressive minivan.

The Kia  Sedona is Unmistakable

The Kia Sedona will cotinine to look unlike anything else in the market. You’ll find a big boxy shape that looks fresh and futuristic to give you a massive place to enjoy the drive and see everything you want when you get behind the wheel. The blacked-out pillars make the roof appear to float above the van during the drive. This is a unique look and its one that might make you decide the Sedona is right for you.

The windows of the new Kia Sedona appear to sit lower in the body to give you greater visibility during your drive. The front of this minivan still gives you the trademark tiger-nose grille and you’ll see a set of DRLS that are filled with LED lamps. You won’t see fog lights in this van, but you won’t need them with all the LED lighting that you’ll see.

The Ride of the New Kia Sedona

Current phots of the upcoming 2021 Kia Sedona show it riding on massive wheels which make it look more like a Grand Utility Vehicle or a lifted minivan, but we’ll likely see it riding on a set of 19-inch wheels when it arrives at dealer lots later in the year. No word has been shared as to whether or not the larger wheels will make it to production.

Unsure of the Power for the Kia Sedona

SO far, Kia has kept the powertrain of the new Kia Sedona a secret. We expect to see the 3.8-liter V6 which is being used in the Kia Telluride, replacing the current 3.3-liter V6 engine of this minivan. Even though this is what we expect to see, it’s possible we might have a hybrid version of the Sedona to compete with the new Sienna and current Pacifica models that will arrive later in the year.

More Info for the Kia Sedona is on the Way

Originally, we were supposed to see the new Kia Sedona at the New York Auto Show in August, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, this show was pushed back and then canceled entirely. Even so, we’re going to see this new minivan go on sale in Korea in the third quarter of the year to give us a better idea of what it will bring for our drive. Expect the Kia Sedona to make it to North American markets soon after it’s revealed in Korea.

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