Find the Difference in the Fiat 124 Spider

Find the Difference in the Fiat 124 Spider

Don’t think of the Fiat 124 Spider as being a car that’s the same as the other small two-seat sports coupes in the market.

This is a car that’s certainly different from true Italian style, unique power delivery, and the Fiat lineup of trims that can give you the features you want. The cabin of this little car makes you feel great with the sporty seats, the impressive controls, and the dynamic features that can give you the experience you want when you’re ready to take a drive. Get in and see what this car has to offer today.

Feel the Glory of the Fiat 124 Spider

Choose the Fiat 124 Spider and you’re going to be in a car that brings you the right convertible feeling for your drive. The convertible top of this car is engineered to give you the ability to raise and lower it with just one hand while sitting in either of the seats.

You’ll also enjoy a quiet cabin that comes to you via the sound deadening features of the car that will make sure you can drive in virtual silence as you take this car out on the roads for a ride.

Fiat put this Car Together the Right Way

When you see the Fiat 124 Spider, you’ll see a car that’s meticulously sculpted to give you the classic look that reminds you of the same model that was part of the Fiat lineup in the 1960s.

The perfect bodywork and impressive style make it easy for you to enjoy everything the Fiat 124 Spider has to offer. If you want a version that brings you aggressive visual elements, the Abarth trim has more of what you want to give you a gorgeous sports car that can be right for the drive.

The Power is Right in the Fiat 124 Spider

You’ll be pleased to see the Fiat 124 Spider and what it has when you take a drive. This car is serious fun and it brings you the power you need which comes from a 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine which is mated to either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission.

The power numbers come in at 160 horsepower and 184 lb.-ft. of torque which is increased to 164 horsepower in the Abarth models. If you don’t think this is enough power for you, it’s time to take a drive and see how active and fun this car can be.

Let Fiat Change Your Mind

If you don’t think you can have fun in a Fiat, you’ll have your mind changed as soon as you get behind the wheel of the Fiat 124 Spider. This is a car that allows you to have the performance, power, and fun that you want to enjoy.

The 124 Spider is a car that can be great on the road and it will be ideal when you head to the track as well. Get behind the wheel and see how much fun this car can be today.

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