Class Leading Sedan for Five Decades

Class Leading Sedan for Five Decades - Honda Accord

There aren’t many automobiles that can boast the longevity of the Honda Accord. For five decades, it’s been a class leading sedan in the Honda lineup. What keeps it at the top of its class? Let’s take a look.

A Brief History of this Class Leading Sedan

Introduced to the American market in 1976 as a three-door hatchback, the Accord resembled its older sibling, the Civic. About a year and a half after its debut, Honda added a four-door sedan to the Accord lineup.

Being a child of the 70s and early 80s, the interior boasted contemporary design features such as velour trim and shag carpet. Aside from the Austin Powers-ish appointments, the Accord featured the classic European minimalist design that made it a favorite among drivers who like affordable refinement.

The second-generation Accord also included the world’s first onboard car navigation system, known as the Electro Gyrocator.

Over the years, the Honda Accord has undergone several facelifts, from versatile hatchback, boxy sedan, and even a wagon, to the sleek modern sedan that continues to captivate drivers.

A Fuel-Sipper Since 1976

Like the Civic, which came to the American market during a major oil crisis in the early 70s, the Accord has always been a leader in fuel economy. Early generation Accord models were outfitted with engines using Honda’s proprietary Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion (CVCC) technology. This brought them in line with Japan’s strict emissions standards and helped them achieve around 38 MPG.

Today’s tenth-generation Accord powertrains have more than twice as many horses under the hood, but they still run 38 miles on a gallon of gas (48 if you choose the hybrid model). And when you consider how quickly gas prices can spike (and how slowly they come back down), this fuel-sipping Honda is the ideal daily driver.

Lasting Value, Low Cost to Own Class Leading Sedan

The Honda brand has built a huge, loyal fan base over the years. Their durability and reliability keep them on the road for hundreds of thousands of miles (it’s not uncommon to see an older model in the wild).

Their low cost to own, solid construction, and safety features make them great hand-me-down cars for new drivers and a bargain ride for college students or anyone else who needs a great set of wheels on a tight budget.

Brand new Honda Accord sedans are incredibly affordable. You can get a feature-loaded model for well under $30k. If that’s more than your budget will allow, you can find a quality late-model used Accord for between $10-15k.

A Leader in Innovation

While many automakers have abandoned sedans in favor of SUVs and trucks, the Honda Accord is still going strong, well into its fifth decade. It delivers a level of economy, performance, and agility that SUVs can’t match. Spacious, sophisticated, and versatile, it has established a permanent residence on many Top 10 Best lists.

And with automobile manufacturers committing to zero-emission vehicles within the next decade, there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing the Accord in showrooms for many more years to come, as a hybrid and electric. The Honda Accord has been a class leader in innovation since 1976 and shows no signs of looking for the off-ramp anytime soon.


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