The Benefits of Using Grammarly

The Benefits of Using Grammarly

Grammarly is artificial intelligence-based and acts as your personal writing assistant to keep embarrassing mistakes out of your final draft.

The English language is confusing. It can be a nightmare to remember the differences between their, they’re, and there, or when exactly to use a pesky comma. While it’s true that not everyone has to be an English major, it’s still a good idea to have a solid understanding of grammar, spelling, and punctuation, especially when in a professional setting.

And if you don’t feel confident checking your own work, you’re in luck-several computer programs, including a popular one called Grammarly, can do it for you.  Take a look at all the reasons you should start using Grammarly today.

Assistance with Tone and Confidence

Being a good writer isn’t all about grammatical skills. The best writers have control over the tone that shines through an email, presentation, or speech. Depending on your audience, your tone can be more or less professional, and Grammarly can recommend removals of phrases like “I think” and “maybe” to help you sound more confident and sure of yourself.

Grammarly examines your writing as a whole and offers suggestions to help customize your writing style. With over a dozen different options for analyzing tone, Grammarly picks some of the most prevalent and ranks them as they appear in your message. Writing is all about expressing yourself through word choice, style, and tone, and Grammarly can play a role in the development of all of that.

Vocabulary and Sentence Structure Suggestions

Along with fixing spelling, inserting punctuation, and correcting verb conjugation, Grammarly goes above and beyond to enhance your writing. The program goes beyond the bare minimum, and instead of settling for “good” writing, it aims to make your writing great. It does this by exchanging your words for stronger, more vibrant adjectives and verbs, and helps shorten your sentences if needed so the message can be read more easily.

For example, if you opt for the word “good”, Grammarly may suggest “excellent”, “outstanding”, or a word of similar caliber to vary your writing and make it more entertaining to read. If you have a run-on sentence with too many words and ideas, Grammarly can help you split them up and make the writing make more sense.

Active and Diverse Proofreading and Correction

On many platforms, such as Google, you often have to take an active approach to spell-check and grammar correction, initiating the use of tools that will help make your writing better. Grammarly’s software, on the other hand, reads along as you write, and actively makes corrections without you having to initiate anything. This also prevents you from forgetting to do a spell-check and finalizing your writing with lingering mistakes.

Not only are the features of Grammarly diverse, helping with basic grammar and with more complex characteristics of writing, but so is its application. Grammarly can help you on almost any platform, including email providers like Gmail and Yahoo, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and business websites including Salesforce, Slack, and LinkedIn. No matter the importance of your writing, from a Tweet to a job application, Grammarly will be there for you. Not everyone is completely comfortable with their grammatical skills, but with Grammarly, that’s okay.

With the active editing of the program, along with its diverse features of tone identification, normal spelling and grammar checks, and beyond-the-bare-minimum vocabulary and sentence structure strengthening, Grammarly helps you be more confident in everything you write online.

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