Real Automotive SEO Can Make All the Difference

Real Automotive SEO Can Make All the Difference

Do you have real automotive SEO working for you? Are you aware of what this is and how it can help your dealership?

When you’re using SEO that’s specifically developed for the automotive world and your dealership, you have an advantage over your competition. You’ll have a direct path to customers looking for cars in your area and not simply using ad space that doesn’t offer any measurable way to know how effective your actions are.

Help Customers Find Your Dealership

The use of real automotive SEO increases the likelihood that your dealership is found by potential customers in your area. This type of SEO incorporates not only keywords that have model names and years but also the geographic area. Adding geo-tagging to your keywords is crucial for your dealership because you are only able to service a specified radius from your location to offer customers what you have for them.

Does Your SEO Strategy have a Target?

What are your goals for your real automotive SEO strategy? Do you want to rank at the top of search engines for every keyword? Are you trying to reach a specific demographic in your area? It’s important to know what your target is so that you can reach it. If you’re simply trying different things to see what works, you’re going to have a tough time with your SEO.

Forget the Spaghetti Method

Some companies try the spaghetti method and find out that they are simply spinning their heels. This method is similar to tossing spaghetti noodles at the wall to see what sticks. While this method tells you when the noodles are done cooking, it’s not the best method for your SEO. Create goals and find the best methods for reaching those goals.

Your Keywords Matter; A Lot

Search results come from the keywords uses during a search. Your local customers might be looking for your specific models and brand, but they are more likely searching for a more general term. This means if you use terms such as “Buick Enclave Near Me” as your search, only when a user searches for this model will they find your content. You may find more success with general terms such as “SUV for sale near me” which could bring more eyes to your content.

Is SEO Better than Traditional Marketing?

Both types of marketing are part of the same puzzle and you’re using them to ultimately receive more sales at your dealership. Traditional marketing presents an ad in front of a general audience that isn’t searching for what you offer while SEO marketing allows customers to find you when they are searching for the vehicles you have for sale.

Which One Does More for Your Business?

Consider the fact that a vehicle purchase is typically the second-largest purchase a person makes during their lifetime, SEO marketing is going to do more for you than traditional marketing. Using real automotive SEO strategies, your customers can find what you have for sale when they are looking for a vehicle. This means you have a greater chance of engagement and conversion when using SEO marketing to your advantage.

Add Content Marketing to the Mix

You can’t rely on your real automotive SEO strategy alone; you need more marketing processes to help reach your audience the right way. Content marketing is a great way to add more juice to your message and give your customers what they want to see. You can use videos, images, and excellent text content to showcase your message on your website and across various social media platforms.

Your Real Automotive SEO Will Bring You Results

Google has placed more importance on local-focused search results than it had in the past. This allows you to make use of the geographic part of your keywords and SEO content to ensure customers in your area can find your dealership. In addition to being geographic-friendly, your strategy needs to include mobile results as well. You want your customers to find your dealership and more of them are searching for you on their mobile devices than ever before.

It’s Time to Get Real with Your Automotive SEO Strategy

Create goals for your SEO and use the tools that allow you to measure these goals. Set dates to adjust your process and review the results. Create the keywords that will allow more of your local audience to see what your dealership has to offer. Get your message out on social media and have fun with your SEO strategy.

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