Moz is a Must For Every SEO Toolbelt

Moz is a Must For Every SEO Toolbelt

Keyword research is the foundation of all successful SEO strategies. Moz is a keyword research tool that can assist you with your SEO.

As one of the most important tools for your SEO strategy, Moz can help you find the right keywords quickly to ensure your website has content that will rank high on Google quickly. If you aren’t using this system to find your words and phrases, you’re missing out.

Your Keywords Might Not be Their Keywords

If you try and perform the research needed for the phrases that you think will rank high on search engines, you might find that the terms you use aren’t ranking as high as some others. The same term you think should rank near the top might not be the term that does. If this is the case, you need to learn which terms will be the best ones to use.

Using Moz is a Process

While Moz can help you with the keyword research you need, it’s only as good as the terms you give it to work with. This tool can offer you words and phrases that will rank high on search engines, but how you implement them and the way you build your content around them are part of the process you need to execute on your website.

The Basics of the Moz Process

Seed Keywords

The term seed keywords describe the terms and phrases the help you grow your keyword list and expand it. These are some of the most important words you’re going to use when you’re putting your list together to figure out how to implement terms into your website content. Ask these three questions when building your seed keywords:•What do I want to rank for?•What do I already rank for?•What do my competitors rank for?

Adding your seed keywords to the Moz 500 million keywords will give you a list of terms that can help you create content that will always rank where you want.

List Building

This is where Moz comes in the most to give you the results you’re looking for. When you enter the seed keywords into this tool, you’ll receive a list of keywords sorted by relevance and volume. Several other metrics are also offered including keyword difficulty, click-through rate, and importance, but the areas to focus on are relevance and volume.

Some Keywords Won’t Make Sense

Remember, the Moz tool can only give you results based on the information you give it. You might see a keyword that includes the name of a competing company or major company that you’re not going to want to use. Even if it has excellent relevance and volume scores, you might never use that particular keyword. Don’t let that be a problem for you. There are tons of words that can be used to assist your ranking on Google.

Competitor Analysis

When you use the seeds of your growth, you need to learn how your competition is using them and what keywords are ranking for their websites. Use the Moz Keyword Explorer tool and let it do the job of finding the keywords that are ranking for your competition. Use your seed keywords on Google and see which companies rank highest in your area for these words. This will give you an idea of which keywords to focus on.

You Might Find New Seed Keywords

Going outside the Moz Keyword Explorer with keywords that include your seed word to see what companies rank for the different terms on Google will help you discover new seed keywords to add to your list. Once you find new seeds, you can put them back into your Moz tool and start the process again with new terms that you want to rank for.

Using MozMakes the Job Easier

When you have one of the most data-filled tools to help you understand which keywords are most relevant and rank the highest in your industry, you can quickly gather a list of terms together that you can use to build content around. Moz has over 500 million keywords that could be perfect for your SEO strategy, making it one of the most important tools you can have.

Build Your Content

Once you’ve got your keywords from Moz, the rest is up to you. Start building your content using the keywords and terms that you gathered from this tool. Watch your website move up the rankings to show up where you want to be, allowing your customers to find you easily.

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