8 Ways to Better Understand Your Customers

8 Ways to Better Understand Your Customers

How can you better understand your customers? Do you know what they expect from you and how to meet their needs?

There’s a lot more to engaging with your users than simply knowing the general age groups, races, and genders, you need to know what they are looking for. While demographics certainly serve their part, you need to analyze more about how your customers shop and how they refer to your company and products.

Monitor the MostCommon Questions

Whether your shoppers are calling your customer service line or reaching out on social media with questions, you need to log these questions and understand which questions are being asked the most often. Obviously, as you build this list you can offer a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website that can be updated regularly. In the meantime, answer these questions and help your shoppers understand your company.

What is Your Market Niche?

Are you capable of serving a worldwide audience or are you better suited to serve the local community? If you have a brick-and-mortar location, what type of customers are coming in and buying products from you? Understanding your market is a great way for you to get to understand your customers and have a better feeling for what you need to offer them.

Avoid Making Assumptions

Try not to be dismissive of customer preferences and feedback they offer your company. Consider suggestions and how you could implement them into your company. Could you benefit from changes your customers are suggesting or will it cost too much to implement them?

Avoid making assumptions that customers don’t understand your business and consider the information they offer. This could be a great opportunity for your business to evolve and might be something you would have never thought to do.

Learn How Your Shoppers are Researching Your Industry

More people than ever before are using online research to help them make buying decisions. Whether they look at your reviews, compare your prices, or compare the quality of the products you sell, they are researching your business and putting you up against your competition. Learn how your shoppers are doing this and offer them the push they need to choose your company.

Compare Blog Comments

Review the comments left on your blog to comments left on the blogs of other companies in your industry. Are these comments fairly similar or do you see glaring differences? One great way to understand your customers is to see how they engage with your company versus other companies. This comparison may tell you the changes you need to make to improve the way you engage with your shoppers.

Leverage Your Social Media

A recent survey shows that only 38% of marketers rely on data from social media. That seems like an extremely low number considering how useful this information can be. One of the best ways to understand your customers is to see how they engage with your posts on social media. The way they post or comment about your company will tell you a lot and help you understand what they need from your company.

Track Trends in Your Industry

Very few things can cost a company more than either being too early or too late to a trend. While you should have your cornerstone products that always sell, you need to know what your shoppers are looking for at any given time. Track the trends by following competitors, reviewing customer engagement levels on social media, and being aware of the new products and services in your industry.

Use Surveys to Ask Customers

What do your customers need from you? This is a question you could ask with a survey that can be offered on your website and on all of your social media accounts. Create several questions you want to have answered to improve your business and know what your customers are looking for. You can offer a free service or item as part of an entry to all who take your survey to incentivize participation.

Get Ready For Feedback

Other than simply knowing the demographics of the customers you serve you need to know what they want. Using these eight tips, you can better understand your customers and create a website they will love to visit, a store they want to shop in, a service company they will be happy to utilize, and social media accounts they will want to engage with. Let your customers be the guiding voice that will help your company be successful.

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