How to: Influencers in Automotive Marketing

How to: Influencers in Automotive Marketing

Influencers in any industry aren’t new, but the development and growth of social media have brought more of them to the forefront.

Previously, those that were tagged as influencers were often the experts in their fields, the most popular celebrities, or the most visible journalists. In the automotive world, there have been many who have impacted the decisions of others for decades, but now we see these people in more ways than ever before.

The Growth of Cable Television Brought More Automotive Experts to Our Screens

Do you remember a time when there were only five channels on the TV? This was how many kids growing up in the 1970s and 1980s lived until cable television became more widely used. If you had a neighbor with a satellite dish, which was massive and took up a lot of the backyard, you were amazed by the number of television channels they enjoyed.

As cable television grew, more airtime needed to be filled. This is where some of the shows and channels we love now were born. Whether you watched car shows with garages full of expert mechanics fixing up a beat-up old vehicle, a couple of guys making a motorcycle for a special customer, or you tuned in to see the various ways three British guys would tear up some amazing cars, you were being influenced.

Social Media Takes Things Farther

It might seem crazy to think that only forty years ago there were households without cable television and now we have handheld devices that bring all of our entertainment right to our pocket while we are on the go. We couldn’t have thought that we would have social media, streaming services, or the option to skip the commercials while enjoying our chosen entertainment.

This speedy development from television to mobile devices and from a few channels to unlimited mobile streaming has changed the way automotive influencers offer their message. This development has also allowed more variety when it comes to influencers in this industry. Today we see the entire world in a different way and notice that users might shy away from celebrities to follow accounts based simply on similar interests. You can find a respected name in nearly every corner of the automotive world.

How Can You Benefit from Influencers?

It’s not that difficult to figure out. If you have a person on social media with a large following pushing your company, you’re going to quickly gain popularity. These social media moguls have become the voice of many industries, including automotive. What you need is to connect with one of these people and let them showcase your products and services on their social media accounts.

Who is the Right Person for You?

Because the automotive world is expansive and offers many different aspects of the industry, it can be a challenge to find the right person. If you’re running a car dealership, you don’t need a racing expert to represent your products, unless your dealership sells mostly sports cars. You also don’t need an influencer that resides in a foreign country when you have a business with only a local reach.

Balance the Budget

Hiring one of the automotive influencers in your area will come at a price. This may mean that you need to budget more money for the month to make sure you can cover the costs. Thankfully, because influencers have such a large social media audience, you know you’re going to reach more people than you’ve ever been able to reach before. The results will be worth the amount you have to spend.

Understand Your Audience

You’ve got the right person, you have the costs covered, now you need to make sure the message you’re trying to share is one that makes sense for your company. If you have a car dealership selling mainstream models, you want to showcase value. If you’re running a customization shop that produces high-end upgrades, you’ll want to show off some of the products you create and what they can do for your customers.

Influencers Benefit the Automotive Industry

Many large automakers use influencers in their social media campaigns to help products sell. This has been a proven approach to marketing for many years, dating back to a time before the internet and before cable television. Whether you’re operating a small business or a regional company, the right social media mogul can be the person you need to reach a larger audience. Find the right one and let them help you showcase your wares to more people through social media.

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