How to Boost your Automotive Marketing

How to Boost your Automotive Marketing

Are you looking for a way to attract more customers to your car dealership? It’s time to boost your automotive marketing.

The challenge isn’t in identifying the fact that you need to improve this area of your business, but how you should go about it. Thankfully, that’s what we’re here for today. Let’s look at some great ways to get people to notice your dealership and come see your team.

Give Shoppers Free Inspections for Used Cars

One of the tips that many shoppers are being given when looking at used vehicles is to have the car inspected. If you provide transparency to your customers and allow them to enjoy a free inspection from your service department, this will save them the hassle and added cost. The inspection can give your customer the information they need about a vehicle and put you in a position of trust.

Offer Accessories for Your Customers

Don’t put your name on everything you put onto or in a vehicle, but only on a few items. Give your customers a complementary set of seat covers, floor mats, or air fresheners when they buy from you. Your name can be on the license plate holder, key chains, and pens you offer, but not on the other items. This will strike a nice balance and boost your automotive marketing with your local marketplace.

Are You the Expert?

You need to be the expert that your customers are looking for. You can do this by publishing a blog, electronic newsletter, or series of videos that help your customers with questions they might have. Cover a myriad of automotive-related topics and help your shoppers get the most out of their cars and the deals they will receive when they come to your dealership.

Bundle Services into the Deal

Add service packages to the deal your shoppers will enjoy when they buy a vehicle from your location. Make sure you add this item to your automotive marketing so that customers know when they shop at your location they are going to have service and care packages that can help them drive right and feel confident in the vehicle they purchased from you. This can save your customers some money and will bring them back for more services later on.

Lead your Community

There are many ways you can impact your local community. With the reach of social media and online marketing, you can easily advertise community support events that you host and run at your dealership. Do this a few times a year to boost your automotive marketing and see how many people come back that enjoyed the events that you hosted as part of your community outreach program.

Advertise Your Relationship with Insurance Companies

When a person is in an automotive accident, they don’t really want to deal with insurance companies. If your team can take this work and worry away from them while your service department fixes their vehicle, they are more likely to come to see you when they need regular service and not just when they have an accident. Make sure this is part of your online marketing.

Give Customers Many Ways to Reach You

Can your customers go online and begin a chat with your team? How promptly do your staff answer phone calls? Let your customers have easy access to you through your website, social media accounts, text messaging, and phone calls. This accessibility is one of the most important ways to boost your relationship with your shoppers and it should be a focus of your automotive marketing efforts.

Reward Shoppers for Their Referrals

Offer free services for referrals that buy vehicles from you, run social media campaigns that help you bring a larger audience into the fold, and make sure the rewards you give are instant. Don’t make a customer wait to save a little on a vehicle they might not buy for five years. The instant gratification of a reward given now will incentivize your customers to bring more referrals to your dealership.

Optimize Your Online Presence

What does your online footprint look like? Make sure it’s one that makes it easy for customers to find you, connect with you, and shop while using your website. This is one of the most important ways you can boost your automotive marketing. If you feel that you’re blinded by the fact that you see your information every day, hire an outside agency to review your website, social accounts, and marketing to give your team a push.

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