Selling New Trucks is Easy

Chevy Trucks for Sale

Even with supply-line delays and inventory shortages, shoppers are still going after Ford, GMC, and Chevy trucks for sale all across the country.

Whether people are buying through pre-order pages, right off of the delivery truck, and directly from the showroom despite prices going up and options going down.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

In the past few years, drivers have shifted their interest from cars to larger options, like Toyota SUVs and Chevy trucks for sale at their local dealers. A report by JD Power shows that just over 80-percent of vehicles sold will be trucks or SUVs.

To meet the high demand for pickup trucks, many manufacturers are doubling down on production on vehicles like the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado 1500. With the shortage of much-needed semiconductor chips slowing down production, many brands are prioritizing truck production above all else.

Even when the reduced number of available vehicles, like Chevy trucks for sale, causes prices to rise, shoppers aren’t holding back. Buyers are expected to spend $38.2 billion on new vehicles this year, which is $4.4 billion more than last year.

New Vehicles On The Rise

To help give truck shoppers more variety, auto manufacturers are releasing new or highly updated truck options for the new model year. The tried and tested trucks like the Sierra, F-150, Colorado, and Silverado are still going strong. These pickups are also seeing upgrades to higher-quality interior materials, advanced safety systems, and jaw-dropping tech.

There are also a few newcomers to the market this year. Hyundai, for example, launched the Santa Cruz. This is the first truck in the Hyundai lineup in a long time. We’re also seeing significant updates to the Honda Ridgeline and Toyoda Tacoma.

All of these changes are to meet the high demand for trucks while also adding a little more competition to the market.

Electric Trucks On The Rise

If you want evidence that shoppers are still going truck crazy, just look at all of the pre-orders and reservations for the new eco-friendly pickup options. The brand new Ford Lightning, for example, has so many pre-orders that it will take years to fill them all. We’re also seeing an amazing response for Ford’s new Maverick truck that offers a hybrid powertrain.

Other brands are following suit. We should expect to see some electric Chevy trucks for sale in the near future as well. GMC is even making promises to have several new EV options on the road in the next few years.

The Bottom Line

Things in the automotive market seem pretty off-kilter these days. New vehicles are almost non-existent, used car prices are higher than ever, and wait lists are as long as they’ve ever been. Even with all of this craziness going on, shoppers are still buying pickup trucks as fast as they become available. That only speaks to how important having a good truck is to drivers across the country.

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