Are You Stuck for Social Media Ideas for Your Dealership?

Are You Stuck for Social Media Ideas for Your Dealership?

Are you having trouble figuring out what to post on your social media accounts? Do you need some great ideas for your dealership to stand out?

There are many great ways to tell your story, share your experiences, and offer engagement to your customers. You want to connect with your audience on a local level and show off the wonderful area you call home for your dealership. Let’s review some simple ideas to engage through social media.

Let Your Blog Stand Out

Most likely, you post your blog to the blog page of your website, but have you thought of sharing that blog on your social media sites? This is a great way to share information and showcase the stories you’ve created that can be enjoyed by your audience. This could be one of the best ideas for your dealership and a way to bring local tagging to your blog pages.

Share Customer Experiences Through Photos

That feeling that customers get when they buy a new car is one of pride, anticipation, and excitement. Share the experience with photos of the customer with the team member who sold them their vehicle. This may be a post you’ve seen many times, but it’s effective and a great way to engage your local audience through social media.

Inventory Posts do Well on Social Media

You shouldn’t run out of social media ideas for your dealership, but if you do, creating high-quality inventory posts of the newest vehicles is a great way to give customers what they are looking for. You want to sell more cars, get the cars out in front of your customers through the social channels that you use. The inventory offered at your location is what your potential customers are looking for.

Talk About the Features of the Cars

Different trim levels and different vehicles have features that vary from one model to another. One way to engage your audience is to offer videos that show how a customer might use these features when they are driving. This could be an important way to showcase the benefits of a specific model to let potential customers know they can see your team and understand all the benefits of the vehicle they drive home.

Deals Are Always Great on Social Media

One of the most important social media ideas for your dealership is sharing the deals you have to offer. When a promotion is running, you should see an increase in social media engagement levels as more shoppers look to get the best prices for the cars you have for sale. Put your deals out there and let them come in and shop with your team.

Flashbacks and Nostalgia Always Gain an Audience

Whenever you offer social media posts that include older vehicles that were admired and loved, you’ll see an increase in views and comments.We love to reminisce about the cars that we drove when growing up and seeing them posts by dealerships on social media is a great way to remember the cars of yesteryear. Create some great content around older vehicles and let your audience engage with your dealership.

Car Trivia Could be Fun

One of the best social media ideas for your dealership is to share car trivia. You can offer a prize and make the trivia a contest or simply share some facts that many might not know about cars. This is a great way to get your audience engaged, especially if the trivia has to do with cars that were enjoyed by many of the people living in your local area.

Charity Events Benefit from Social Media

Car dealerships are one of the most popular places to hold charity contests. If you hold a contest, post it across your social media channels before, during, and after the contest. This is a great way to raise money for a worthy cause, offer a few fun and inexpensive prizes, and bring more people into your dealership to see the cars you have for sale.

Offer DIY Tutorials to Your Audience

Some people would rather change the air filter or windshield wipers on their car themselves. Showcasing how-to videos for them could be one of the best social media ideas for your dealership to offer. Let your service team create the videos and give the information needed. This allows your audience to get to know the service team and take advantage of the information you’re offering in your social media posts.

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