Make Your Next YouTube Video Stand Out

Make Your Next YouTube Video Stand Out

Your YouTube channel needs to be filled with engaging entertaining videos to keep the attention of your audience.

Videos are an amazing way to share content and information on social media. Studies show that four out of five prospective customers would prefer to watch a product video than to read about it. This means your next video needs to stand out and make a difference for your dealership.

What’s Preventing Your Progress?

If you’re holding back in creating videos for your YouTube channel, you need to take advantage of some great tips that will change the way you think about videos. You don’t have to work that hard to have good video content, you can have it quickly and easily because of how often you can and should engage with your audience. Here are some great ways to change your mindset and help you create some great video content:

Change Your Perception

Most of the videos you can produce can be done with the use of smartphones and you can upload them quickly for editing. You can license them from professionals, but it’s more economical to use your smartphone and make the videos yourself. Set your priorities based on time, money, and quality of the videos you want to create.

If you’re going to use a homemade approach to your videos you need to make sure you shoot the most attractive parts of your dealership and focus on the brand, differentiation, and value proposition. Showcase your products, services, and staff through these videos. Don’t just walk around the lot talking to your audience, make sure you have a goal in mind regarding your content.

Tell a Good Story

Many of the YouTube videos you see are set with a story in mind. Whether that story is how to change your oil the right way or based around a noise you might hear in your car, it’s important to tell a story and share it with your audience. Keep your story clear and your message on point to ensure you capture the attention of those tuning in to see what you have to share with them. You’ll be amazed at how much information you can share with a quick story that doesn’t take long

Repurpose Your YouTube Videos

Get the most out of your videos by sharing them across all of your social media platforms. Unless you have created a video specifically for one audience, such as a special offer for your Facebook followers, you can repurpose all your videos and share them easily on every platform. This gives you the reach you’re looking for when you want to share your content with everyone that follows and engages with your posts.

Your story is only as good as the script you use, which means it’s important for you to prepare a good one to ensure you can share and offer it to your audience. The scriptneeds to match the video and match the images you share during the video to give you the best result and the right way to showcase your dealership.

Build the Excitement

Use an angle that can build the excitement for your audience in the YouTube videos. Whether you’re trying to show off new features or you’re going to share a great deal that you’re ready to present, the videos need to give you a way to make sure your audience is completely engaged with the content. Do a walk-around of the vehicle with the new and exciting features, show how the features work, and make your audience feel like they are part of the enjoyment of the vehicle.

Consult with Video Marketing Professionals

When videos receive hundreds of views but send very few customers to your website isn’t doing you much good at all. When you want to have more value in the videos that you share, you should consult a professional and let them give you feedback about your videos. If this is outside your budget, think about the questions your customers bring up most often and what they enjoy most when at your dealership.

Keep the Basics In Mind

Create YouTube videos that are similar to some of the others you see working well online. Optimize your videos for search engines with the right metadata, a relevant caption, and useful subtitles to ensure you can have your videos picked up and viewed more often. Keep these basic items in mind and create the videos that will bring more customers from your YouTube channel to the dealership.

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