7 Latest Digital Marketing Trends

7 Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Every year we cover new digital marketing trends that we expect to help grow and evolve the industry and bring online content to the top of search results.

From the time of email marketing, keyword stuffing, image alt-texts, and SEO strategies we’ve come into a time in the online world with more automation and advanced analytics. What are the next advancements being made in the online marketing world? Let’s take a look at seven of the newest trends that help marketers bring content to larger audiences for more viewers to consume and utilize.

Personalized marketing brings specific ads to you

We use our mobile devices all day long, computers at work, and tablets when we’re not on our phones. Nearly every search performed, social media scrolling experience, and email session involves a series of ads brought to your by digital marketing teams. Most of these ads feature some form of personalization. How can companies that don’t know you personalize the advertising you see? They do this though analytics based on your search history, content requested, and online profile. In some ways, this is called social listening, which is a bit creepy, especially when you begin to see ads for something you only mentioned in passing.

Videos are getting shorter

You’ll still find long-form videos with how-to instructions and tutorials to give you all the information you want, but shorter videos are one of the latest digital marketing trends. TikTok is a social media platform dedicated entirely to short-form videos. More recently other short videos such as YouTube Shorts have become more popular and give audiences an entry into the company and products being sold. These shorter videos are great for an audience with a shortened attention span.

More social medial platforms than ever before

When Facebook first arrived, it was a social media giant right out of the box. Twitter came after this and took a portion of the attention, but many of the same posts made on Facebook could be make on Twitter. Now, we have several social media platforms with various content formats. From Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and LinkedIn, you’ll find several ways to post to these platforms. In order to be a successful social media marketer, you’ve got to know how to post to all platforms.

SEO continues to evolve

Keywords still matter, but not as much as they used to. There was a time when the google algorithm counted keywords and the content with the highest number was listed first. One of the most consistent digital marketing trends is the movement away from this type of SEO. Today, content quality, industry authority, and user experience are more important than the number of keywords used. Keywords are still important, but not nearly as much as the quality of the content produced.

The user experience is extremely important

Every aspect of a customer’s journey and experience through a website is important. Before we try anything new, many of us will start by looking at the online review and expect to see at least a 4.5 and lots of reviews. Additionally, the online experience must be seamless, simple, and fluid. If pages load slowly, customers can’t buy products easily, or products don’t arrive in time, the user experience becomes tainted and poor reviews can be the result.

Marketing transparency is important

It might not sound like a real trend, but transparency allows potential customers to trust a company. For that reason, one of the most important digital marketing trends is to offer complete honesty in the marketing efforts. More users than ever expect this, even if it means that a company isn’t quite right or them. Its better to be honest and lose a few potential shoppers than to be pushy and dishonest and taint the product and experience with false promises.

Everyone’s included in the marketing

If you watch television commercials from the 1950s you’d probably cringe at every other commercial. The sexism comes through pretty strong and wouldn’t be acceptable today. Today’s marketing must be done with inclusion in mind, offering the same products, services, and advertising to everyone regardless of sex, race, lifestyle, or anything else that can sometimes separate people. This step forward to inclusion is important and necessary. Being inclusive allows companies to reach a much wider audience than they might otherwise if they targeted an audience based on race or sex.

Which of these new digital marketing trends have you seen recently?

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