Voice Search Can Help You Sell More Cars

Voice Search Can Help You Sell More Cars

You’ve probably used voice search for something recently and you might not have thought about what you did to initiate this search.

Using your voice through your mobile device or home assistant can help you use plain words to find the information you desire. Just imagine if your customers could do the same to find the vehicles that you see of your car dealership. Can you say, “Game Changer?”

What is Voice SEO and Voice Search?

Voice SEO is the use of natural keywords to create content that has been indexed and easily searchable through voice devices. This means you need to avoid using choppy keywords that are hard to implement naturally into a sentence or paragraph. Your users are going to employ their mobile phones, Amazon Echo, or Google Home devices to search for your content. Let them easily find your dealership by using voice SEO in your content creation.

Is Searching by Voice a Gimmick?

Recent statistics tell us that one in two smartphone users employs voice search every day. That is a huge statistic and one that you must pay attention to. With this number of voice-based searches, you can’t ignore the use of voice SEO in your marketing strategy. Can you imagine not being part of the mix that half of the customers in your area are using?

Another number that will blow you away is that more than 72 percent of those who own a smart speaker device, such as Google Home, use this device as part of their daily routine.This means whenever a question comes up in the minds of these users, they turn to their devicesfor information. You have to be easily searchable through voice search to be the name that comes out of the speaker before any others.

How Can You Optimize Your Website for Voice Search?

There are many ways to create the content and pages that can be searched using voice devices that will give users the information they are looking for. Creating the content using voice SEO is only one part of what you need to do to make sure your website can be easy to search through these smart speakers and your mobile devices.

Use FAQs to Give Your Users Information

Create some content that asks and answers the questions that you know your customers are asking. You can use polls to find out what users want to know, but as a car dealership, you have several common questions that should be answered. What you want the smart speakers to spit out will be, “According to [Insert your dealership name here] the answer to your question is [answer]” which gives your dealership the authority to become a trusted site for that customer.

Page Speed Still Matters

Why does page speed matterwhen users are searching via voice search? It matters because many of those users are on their smartphones and will see your site and want to use the tools and features you offer. Page attention to the page speed to ensure your website is the top one found when voice commands are used.

Optimize your Google My Business Listing

Whether a search is performed on a smartphone or through one of the smart speaker devices, your Google My Business listing must be complete to give potential customers all the information they need. There’s a good chance these customers will wantto visit your car dealership to take advantage of the deals you have to offer and you want them to know where you are and what you have for sale.

Ensure Third-Party Sites are Optimized

Some voice search platforms don’t use Google My Business but gather information from other sites including Yelp or DealerRater to give users the desired results. Ensure all of your business information is complete on these sites as well to bring the results to users that are looking for a vehicle that you have for sale. Siri is one of the search platforms that does not use what Google offers.

Take Advantage of this Search Process

Voice search is here and it’s going to only grow and get better. It’s time to ask your digital marketing team to ensure your website is fully optimized for your customers to simply find your location by asking their home assistant or mobile device the questions they’re curious about. The next lead to your dealership could come from the question that starts with “Hey Siri, Hey Google, or Hey Alexa.”

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