3 Best Practices for Facebook

3 Best Practices for Facebook

Some best practices for Facebook allow you to grab attention more quickly and consistently than others.

Are your Facebook ads compelling and entertaining? Why aren’t you getting noticed?  Social media is one of the fastest-growing and most important forms of online marketing you’ll use to get more people to notice your dealership and what you have to offer. If you’ve been stuck in an advertising rut, it might be time to shake things up and see how they work. Here are some ideas that could give your advertising a boost.

1. Create Facebook Ads that Don’t Include Text

How can you have ads for your dealership on Facebook and not include any text? Some users don’t want to read a long post filled with paragraphs of text but will gladly watch a video and learn more about what your dealership offers. Here are three ways to provide ads that don’t include text, making them more attractive to your audience.

Focus on Videos and Forget the Images

The best way to avoid adding text to your ad is to use video. Everything you type out in a script can be said in a video. This is one of the best practices for Facebook ads that makes it possible for you to grab your audience’s attention without forcing them to read anything. Whether you’re showcasing a new sale, a variety of vehicles, excellent pricing, or the new models that just came in, turning to video is a great way to go. You have to get your message out quickly. Facebook suggests 15 seconds long or shorter videos, so be succinct.

Keep a Clean Image and Put Text Elsewhere

Too often, see, ads on social media that have tons of words take away from the image and its subject matter. Instead of doing this, you can keep the idea clean and the focus of your ad while getting your message across with text in other areas. Placing your text in the body portion below or above the ad image will make this happen for you. This is a great way to keep a clean appearance and allow the Facebook ad to appear neat and text-free.

Use the Tools at Your Disposal

Facebook has a free Image Text Check tool that tells you if you have too much text before submitting your ads. This is a great tool to help you pass the review process on advertising your car dealership on Facebook. If your images have text, one of the best practices for Facebook is to use this tool and check your image text ahead of time.

2. Understand How to Run an Effective Facebook Advertising Campaign

One of the most important social media platforms for advertising is Facebook. This platform is the most popular for nearly every industry, and it’s where many shoppers start looking for products. Your dealership can easily have your entire inventory offered to give customers an easy way to see what you offer. Still, your advertising will tell these potential customers that you have something to show them.

You Need to Understand Facebook Terms

There could be some terms used in the advertising section of Facebook that you don’t already know and understand what they mean. You can find these in the complete Glossary of Ad Terms that gives you a look into what this platform offers. One of the best practices for Facebook ads is to understand what each term means when you’re ready to post new ads to this platform. Do you know what a Lookalike Audience is on Facebook? This is a new term for many advertisers, and it could make it easy for you to use this platform effectively.

The Best Ad Campaign Always Has Fresh and Relevant Content

Showcase up to ten vehicles in your ad and show the details of each car using a carousel ad. This is one of the most popular ways for car dealerships to advertise on Facebook. While this could be an excellent way to begin, you’ll want to create ads for each model or each sales program you’re offering to customers. You can do this by adding advertisements that link to each other. Keep your content flowing and link to the models that make sense and relate to each model in your inventory.

Try Various Advertising Methods

If you’re unsure of your target audience, you’ll want to test out various ads and learn from them so you can optimize how your ads perform. One of the best practices of Facebook advertising is to try multiple methods and see what works best. This is an excellent way to understand how you should advertise using this platform. Using a pair of ads with only a few differences is called Split Testing, and it’s one of the most valuable ways to understand what ads work and how they can perform for your dealership.

3. Keep the Customer In Mind When Advertising

The type of content you provide is an essential aspect of reaching an audience and how they will engage with your advertising. You need to keep your potential customers in mind when creating each ad you’ll present on Facebook. This can be using their reviews, posting videos with them receiving the keys to their new car, or showing some of their comments that thank your dealership and employees. Your customers are the friends and neighbors of your next group of customers, making it essential for you to show your shoppers and their happiness with your dealership.

Using these three main ideas for the best practices for Facebook advertising, you can shake things up when your ads seem stagnant, improve your focus when you haven’t used this platform to its full potential, and keep your customers in mind. These critical processes will give you the advertising focus you need to bring more attention to your dealership’s Facebook page.

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