Potential Trending Social Media Ideas for the Summer

Potential Trending Social Media Ideas for the Summer

The growth of social media is astronomical, and paying attention to summer trends, and seasonal changes can help you reach a larger audience.

Whether you’re using seasonal tools to entice consumers to buy products, warning your audience of the dangers of the hot weather that can only be quelled with your items, or you want to act as a reminder, your social channels can help. With more than 2.62 billion users across the various platforms, your message should land in the right places if you make use of some of the trends that push a seasonal message.

Put a Summer Twist on Your Live Videos

When you “Go Live” on your social channels, you can’t help but showcase some of the summer activities going in around you. This is a great way to push your products and services to those that might not know about you. If your business is in a resort area, you want to show off the fun everyone has while visiting your spot. It’s time for your customers to show up on Facebook or Instagram with their happy smiles while spending time at your business.

Be More Flexible in Your Marketing

Some of the cheesiest ads from local companies get the most attention. When your audience sees your summer social media posts with a pool ring, a line of zinc on your nose, and a fruity drink in your hand, they will stop by just to give you a hard time. That’s wonderful; it means they’re paying attention and that you have them hooked with your odd-ball marketing techniques. Don’t be afraid to get outside of the proverbial box and put a warm summer feeling into your marketing.

Live Demonstrations are Huge

While you don’t have to do a Live video to show your audience how to use a product, it’s time to think summer for your demonstrations. What are people doing right now, and how can you help them? If you’ve got gardening products, show them how to use them. If you sell hammocks, take a nap and video that nap for your social posts. Think about what people want to do in the summer to relax, unwind, and enjoy the warm weather. This is what your social posts should include.

Find a Summer Influencer

You want to promote the summer feeling of your social media posts, and one great way to do this is to find an influencer that enjoys the summer sun. This means a person that appears to have spent time in the sun is fit and can show true pleasure while outside in the heat. Let this person showcase your products and services that customers can take advantage of this summer and see how quickly your accounts reach new customers.

Link to Summer-Themed Landing Pages

The social media posts you offer your audience should closely relate to the landing pages on your website. If you link a summer-themed post to the same boring landing pages, you’ll begin to lose your audience. Give your pages an overhaul or create some new pages where your posts will send your readers. This is a great way to keep the warm weather theme going and help your audience get into the spirit of the season, and remind them that your stuff will help them have an even better summer.

Visit and Highlight Local Businesses During the Summer

One of the most useful tips in social media is to visit and connect with the local community. That can be hard to do during a cold winter. Now that summer is here; your social media posts can thrive with outdoor activities. If you visit a nearby restaurant, show the outdoor seating with customers enjoying their meal on the patio. Get connected with your local community and businesses and help promote your area.

Hashtag The Heck Out of Summer

Not just the word, but summer-focused items and feelings can be part of your hashtags. This helps identify the industry trends and allows you to track activities on your social accounts. Using warm-weather words will bring that feeling of the summer season to your posts and entice your audience to feel the same way. It’s amazing how much we are influenced by the smallest things, and your hashtag could remind someone that it’s nice and sunny outside and they should buy some of your stuff and enjoy the warm weather.

Plan Ahead for Your Vacation

More people take vacations during the summer than at any other time of the year. This makes perfect sense; kids are out of school, the weather is much nicer, and the days are longer. If you’re going to be gone for a few days or a week during the summer, schedule your social media posts ahead of time, so you don’t miss a beat. It can be hard to regain the attention you’ve worked for all year if you leave a lag during your vacation.

Put Seasonal Content Into Your Posts

Not only should you post videos and images that offer a summer theme, but you should also link to blogs and vlogs that offer the same feeling. Maybe you want to show your customers the best way to wash their car during the summer; there are tons of posts out there on this topic. You could showcase some of the best places to visit and eat during the summer season. Now is the time to get people active and let them see what the summer brings to their seasonal enjoyment.

Use the Summer Holidays to Your Advantage

Most people in America think of summer as running from Memorial Day to Labor Day with Independence Day in the middle. You can use all three of these holidays to have some summer-themed events and drive sales for your business. It’s easy to create social media posts with a summer theme when you have some amazing holidays to showcase your stuff. Take advantage of these dates and events to get the word out and bring more to your active audience.

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