Get Ready to Trade Your Used Ford Ranger for the Raptor

ford ranger raptor

That’s right; the 2023 model year will usher in the pure aggression of the Raptor name in the Ford Ranger. That midsize truck you’ve been driving can go to someone else, and you can have an amazing off-road performance truck made to push the limits of what makes sense.

Bring your used Ford Ranger to your local dealer and check out the new Raptor model that awaits you. This truck arrives for the first time on American soil, and it is sure to be the powerhouse that wears the name proudly.

The Right Power for This Truck

When the Ranger returned to the market offering only one engine, we thought it might not survive. This truck was pitted against the GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado, both of which offer three powertrain options. Thankfully, the Ranger powertrain was enough to make it work in the current truck market. We should expect the same of the new Raptor version. This hardcore midsize truck brings a new 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine that delivers 284 horsepower and 362 lb-ft of torque if it’s the European version. Using the anti-lag system in the Baja mode, the turbos keep on spinning even when you back off the throttle to ensure you can hit the accelerator and avoid any lag.

This Truck Is Made for Every Terrain

No matter the challenge, the new Ford Ranger Raptor can handle it. Toyota has the Tacoma TRD Pro, and Chevy has the Colorado ZR2, but neither is a match for the Raptor. This new midsize truck brings rear locking differentials, seven selectable drive modes, traction and stability controls, exhaust valve actuation, and an Off-Road drive mode that includes rock crawl, sand, mud/ruts, and Baja. Each mode delivers a change to the gauges, vehicle information, and color themes for the touchscreen.

The Build of this Midsize Raptor is Tougher


To handle all-terrain challenges, the new Raptor must have the right stuff. Thankfully, Ford knows what that stuff is. The new Ranger has unique mounts and reinforcement for the rugged off-road situations you want to tackle. Everything has been redesigned for the most rugged terrain, including the C-Pillar, load box, spare wheel, frame, shock tower, and rear shock brackets. The rear suspension is redesigned to offer longer travel in the front and rear to ensure you can climb over some of the largest boulders and find your way deeper into the wilderness.

Can this Truck be Comfortable on the Road?

You might want to venture deep into the forest and spend days there in your own Grizzly Adams way, but you’ve got to come back to civilization sometime. It’s important the new Ford Ranger Raptor delivers a fantastic ride on the roads. The new Fox Live Valve dampers and Fox 2.5-inch Live Valve internal bypass shock absorbers help this happen for you. The suspension is programmed to adapt in real-time to give you the most control and comfort found in any truck. Go ahead, compare the ride to another truck, and you’ll see just how amazing this Ranger performs.

Ford Performance Got In On the Act

Fox wasn’t going to be the only name you found in the new Raptor. Ford Performance gives this incredible truck the tuning and development needed to make it the perfect truck. Using computer-aided engineering, they put this truck through the paces to bring a truck that has an incredible balance between comfort, control, stability, and traction during all driving conditions. With this new hardcore Ford Ranger, there aren’t any compromises, which is something we don’t get to say often.

Hard Bumps and Drops Aren’t a Problem for the Ranger Raptor

When you’re out on the trails, it’s pretty common to come across a dip or drop that causes your vehicle to bottom out. This can cause serious damage to the working items under your truck. Thankfully, Ford gives the Ranger Raptor Fox Bottom-Out Control to provide maximum damping force during the final 25 percent of the shock travel. This translates to a truck that shouldn’t bottom out and will keep you safe and secure when driving on some of the toughest trails found in nature.

Is the Underbody of this Ford Protected?


One of the most important features of any off-road vehicle is added underbody protection, often called skidplates, to keep the working parts of your vehicle operating. The Ranger Raptor has plenty of underbody protection. This truck has a front bash pate made of thick high-strength steel. This plat is almost twice that of the standard Ranger model. You’ll also see an engine under the shield and a transfer case shield to keep other key components from being damaged during your drive. These plates could be the key to your Raptor making it back from the treacherous location you chose to take it.

Hooks in the Right Place for Recovery Needs

It is possible you could get your Ford Ranger Raptor stuck in the mud, or you might need to use a tree to make it around on a trail. Ford adds a pair of tow hooks in the front and rear of this truck to ensure you always have the right place to connect when you need to pull this truck or another truck out of the sticky stuff. These hooks help ensure you’ll always find your way out of the trouble that you get into on the trails.

Hear the Sounds You Want from this Ford Ranger

When you have a powerful vehicle, you want to hear that engine growl and grumble. The Raptor has four selectable modes to give you the electronically controlled amplified engine noises you want to hear when you’re behind the wheel. This ensures you have the sounds you want and enjoy that chest vibrating feeling of a truck that delivers the right amount of power. The sounds you’ll hear include Quiet, Normal, Sport, and Baja.

With so much to love about the new Ford Ranger Raptor, it’s time to trade your old used Ford Ranger in for this new, hardcore, go-anywhere midsize pickup monster. Why aren’t you at the Ford dealer yet? They’re waiting for you.

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