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Augmented Reality Could Be the Future for Businesses

Augmented Reality Could Be the Future for Businesses

Augmented reality devices have skyrocketed in popularity, and nearly every industry puts this advanced technology to use.

We see AR as part of the future of interactions, working, selling, and recreation from retail to manufacturing. More people are working remotely than ever before, which is another area where AR is improving the experience. No matter what you do, where you live, or what hobbies you enjoy, soon, AR will have a way to improve your life.

Here are ten ways AR improves our lives now and in the future.

Medical Training is More Effective

The medical field benefits from AR technology, whether it’s the training needed to perform complex surgeries or getting the most out of MRI equipment. According to Inc. come Students at the Cleveland Clinic at Case Western Reserve University already learn anatomy using an AR headset. This gives students a deeper understanding of the human body and an interactive 3D environment where parts of the body can appear life-sized. This is only one application of this advanced technology, with many more to come as AR programming advances for the future of medicine.

Take a Virtual Tour of Your Next Home

The real estate industry uses augmented reality to show properties in a new way. Imagine seeing the property with the understanding of space and virtually staging furniture items to show how to utilize the space for living. Real estate agents can do this with single-family homes, commercial properties, new construction builds, and retail locations. This virtual staging takes the home tour to another level, giving potential owners more information than ever before. Considering the cost and importance of these purchases, AR technology is important to use in the real estate field.

Soldiers Can Benefit from Augmented Reality Equipment

We want our men and women in uniform to have the most advanced tech sent to hostile territories. It’s not a fair fight; Americans are always sent to foreign lands to fight and never get the home-field advantage. Microsoft is currently developing an Integrated Visual Augmented System (IVAS) for the military. This system improves situational awareness, communication, battlefield navigation, and overall operational efficiency. Our soldiers have a distinct advantage over the enemies we face when using this equipment.

Manufacturing Used 3D AR to Save Time and Money

Using 3D AR technology, product manufacturers can quickly spot errors and faults to avoid future recalls and defects. This technology brings digitized prototyping to life in 3D to show the product, as it would be made, to quality control experts who can assess where flaws and potential problems could occur. This allows manufacturers to have the information needed before wasting time and resources on products that aren’t ready and can’t pass through testing phases.

Recreation Improvements Made by Augmented Reality

The first application you think of as an AR-based item is probably PokémonGO. If asked about AR goggles, Oculus Quest comes to mind with the early all-in-one VR systems. These things have been in our world for a few years, setting the stage for AR and VR developments. Today, you can go on a virtual date and see your partner on your AR devices. You could spend time taking your favorite person to a location that’s special to you and never leave the comforts of home, all thanks to AR and VR developments in the world of recreation.

Where do You Want to Vacation?

Do you want to go somewhere you’ve never been before? That sounds like a great way to start vacation planning, but the anxiety of an unfamiliar place can be daunting. Through augmented reality, tourism companies offer experiences and tours you can enjoy before booking your vacation. Once you arrive at your destination, these companies provide detailed mapping information through Google Maps, along with scheduled events with virtual highlights to ensure you know what you’re signing up for before you attend a show or event.

Virtual Customization and Pricing in the Retail World

Companies such as Lowe’s Home Improvement and Harley Davidson offer AR apps that show you the options for various products. Imagine shopping at the local Harley dealer when you see a motorcycle you like, but not the color offered. Using the app, you can scan the bike and instantly see the various options for that model. This allows you to build the motorcycle you want right on your smartphone without a brochure or salesperson present.

Therapeutic Uses of AR

Immersive Therapy is one of the most popular forms of therapy offered today. Our busy, non-stop world is overwhelming at times, and we need to disconnect and take a break. This can be extremely difficult for some, which is why some therapists use augmented reality tools to create a relaxing, immersive environment for a patient. This type of therapy is proven effective for soldiers with PTSD, aiding them in handling problems in real-time through a trained therapist’s guidance.

Marketing is No Longer Static

Everything was offered in a two-dimensional state before AR brought us 3D animations. Now, marketers can create ads, videos, and targeted information bundled into AR-based storefronts, brochures, and posters. If they can do it with AR, marketers are taking advantage of this technology to provide better pre-purchase information to potential customers. This allows for a seamless experience for the target audience by providing more information and virtual product testing. Consumers are smarter and want to remain fully informed, which AR marketing allows.

Connectivity in the Workforce

Whether a team is collaborating on a product or they need to understand charts and numbers from a report, augmented reality brings these things to life. Data can be placed in a visual context and shown more easily without requiring the audience to imagine what the data means. The barriers of country borders are broken down by using AR technology that can connect an international workforce in a virtual meeting room to collaborate and communicate better than ever before.

How will AR improve your life? Has it already impacted what you do and how you do things at home or at work?

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