Millennials Value Convenience – Here’s How to Make Sure They Get It

Millennials Value Convenience - Here’s How to Make Sure They Get It

Marketing to millennials requires you to understand the value of convenience, savings, and experience to attract this large audience.

If you understand these factors in the sale process, you’re going to have an audience filled with millennials that are ready to spend money with your company. Let’s look at some great ways to ensure the convenience and values that attract this generation to your business are what you have to offer.

Payments Need to be Easy

Whether it’s online or in your physical store, your payment system needs to be easy to use and seamless. Don’t have a ton of unnecessary steps that make the payment process difficult. Millennials love to use their phones for payments, and this needs to be part of what you offer when they are physically in your store. With seamless and easy payments, your store will be a go-to place for this generation.

Do You Offer a Delivery Service?

How fast can your products be delivered to a home? Do you offer a delivery service for your products? These are questions that are asked with nearly every purchase made by millennials. When you’re trying to offer the right type of marketing for millennials, you’ll see that they want what they buy, even when purchased online, right away. Find a way to make this happen as much as possible.

Check The Restrooms

It might sound like a simple thing, but it impacts everyone who might use them. Whether you run a convenience store or you have a department store with various areas for your customers, the bathrooms tell your shoppers how much pride you have in your business. Ensure your restrooms are clean every few hours and inspected at least once an hour, if not multiple times per hour. Some customers won’t buy products from a store with dirty restrooms.

Offer Lots of Options

Whether your store is entirely online and you fulfill orders as they come in, or you’ve got a physical location, you need to offer lots of options for customers to enjoy. Use your marketing platform to tell millennials that you have tons of options for them to enjoy when they work with your company. This offers a bit of convenience because you can offer the one place customers can shop for all the options they need.

Create Loyalty Programs with Discounts and Rewards

Offer a loyalty program to your shoppers that will work great with an app to make it mobile-friendly. This is how millennials love their rewards programs. When you offer a discount program or loyalty program that has to be managed with other formats, this group of shoppers is less likely to use it, which can impact your repeat customer count.

Build a Better Buying Experience

You could use that title as a tagline in the marketing program you build to attract more millennials to your store. Create an experience for the shopper that isn’t matched in your industry. You’ll be pleased to give your customers a great way to engage with your team, take advantage of your services, and buy products from you. This generation is focused on the experience as much as the product itself.

Create Bundled Deals With Options

Value is a huge factor for the millennial generation, and bundles are a way to create that value for them. Whether you’re putting together packages of services or you’ve paired up products that work well together, when you can offer a lower price for buying more, millennials are going to pay attention. Ensure these bundles can be customized to their tastes and desires.

Show Respect for the Budget of This Group

When marketing to millennials, you need to keep their budget in mind. This is a generation hit by massive student loan debt and starting salaries that don’t leave them a lot of leeway in the budget or extras. Show value, price breaks, discounts, and savings throughout the shopping experience to give this audience the budget-friendly shopping they need when looking for items and services that will work for them.

Use Localization to Your Advantage

If you serve only a local community, being a local business can make your store a great draw for your millennial audience. Rather than going to a large chain store or working with a business that isn’t in the same community, this generation has a habit of working well with local businesses. Become one of those and market your business with local landmarks that are easy for your audience to recognize.

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