What’s Trending in the Digital Marketing World

What’s Trending in the Digital Marketing World

A whole new world was created when the Internet came to be and this world has trending topics that companies need to focus on.

The digital marketing sphere has grown beyond the simplicity of connecting companies and individuals through email. Today, if you’re not present online, you’re not present anywhere and you need to know where to put your focus and efforts for the near future.

More Resources Need to go Toward Social Media

The growth of social media for marketing and sales is staggering. If you can connect with another person on a platform, that platform is also being used to sell products and services. Social media continues to be a trending area of the digital world and with the COVID-19 pandemic, it became even more important for connection and engagement. Your company needs to allocate more resources toward social media for you to see greater success.

Working Digitally May Become More Permanent for Some Companies

The pandemic we felt in 2020 gave most industries a look at how much they can work remotely and still get the job done. This could be detrimental to companies that own and lease office spaces but might allow many businesses to be more flexible and dynamic in their approach. Working remotely is absolutely a trending topic in the digital sphere and it’s one we expect to continue.

Your Local and Global Listing on Google Should be Integrated

If you’re operating a business the requires visitors to drive to your location you need to be visible locally during online searches. The Google My Business listing allows you to have all the information you need to offer potential customers in one place and this feature should continue to grow and improve as we see more businesses being fully present online.

Get Creative with Trending Virtual Events

Did you engage in a virtual event during 2020? If not, you might have missed out on something that was a lot of fun for others. Several virtual events popped up around the internet during the pandemic and these events will likely continue. These events allow global accessibility and impressive returns for those who invest in them. Find a way to make virtual events work for your business.

Availability is Seriously Trending

Whether you’re looking for the availability of products in a store that you want to order groceries from or you’re trying to understand the availability of a service technician to fix something in your home, this is a trending topic. We want what we want right away and companies that provide visibility and availability are going to win every time. This is something that should be a priority for your business.

Many Businesses Will Use Fewer Social Media Channels

There seems to be an unlimited number of social media platforms, but there isn’t an unlimited number of digital marketing dollars to invest. This means businesses will likely focus on the most successful platforms and watch others before investing in them. While social media growth is trending, we should see many companies focus more heavily on the platforms that add more to their bottom line.

Voice Search is a Top Trending Topic

We use our voices to search for items online more often than ever before. This has come about with the use of voice search through our smart devices. This feature will continue to grow and is an important part of what should be expected. Companies will need to ensure the keywords used in their content marketing are terms that many customers will use during their voice searches.

Augmented Reality Will Take Massive Steps Forward

Wouldn’t you love to practice putting something together before you actually do the work? Would you like to take a car on a virtual test drive without visiting the dealership? Do you want a tour of all the features of the item you’re considering purchasing? These are all part of what augmented reality programs offer. This tech is trending and will likely become something we use every day in the near future.

Content is Trending to a More Interactive Place

Whether it’s education, shopping, collaborating, or simply visiting socially, we interact more through digital and online services than ever before. Content will also grow in this way to offer a way for blogs and written content to be integrated with videos, games, and role-playing programs to offer a more comprehensive experience for potential customers. We see some of this already with quizzes and polls, but you can expect interactive content to go to a higher level very soon.

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