Facebook Marketplace is the Right Place for Your Dealership Inventory

Facebook Marketplace is the Right Place for Your Dealership Inventory

Currently, there are more than 800 million people and companies using Facebook Marketplace around the world.

In the United States, one-third of all online users will visit this part of Facebook when shopping for products and services. As a car dealership, you need to be present on this site and make sure your inventory is listed to gain the attention and traffic that you’re looking for.

Do You Have a FacebookMarketplace Account?

If your dealership inventory isn’t listed in this area of Facebook, you’re missing out. One of the best quotes from the TV show, Last Man Standing was when the store owner asked Mike how many snowmobiles could be sold and his answer was “All of them” which is how you want to approach growing sales at your dealership. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to set up your account and begin to list your inventory in this area of Facebook.

First, You Need a Marketplace Inventory Partner

As easy as it can be to list vehicles on Facebook Marketplace, you want to stand out as a dealership and not a private seller. You can do that by adding the Dealership tag to your listings, but you have to work with an approved Inventory Partner. Most of these are automotive marketing companies, which means you might already be working with one. Check the listings and find out if you are, but if not, you need to begin to do so right away.

Get Your Digital Marketing Service Connected

If your Digital Marketing Service (DMS) is already connected as an Inventory Partner, you won’t have to complete this step. If you’re working with a DMS that isn’t listed, you can connect your DMS to the Marketplace by selecting a marketing agency that will aid you in connecting your DMS. This may be something you want to pass off to the DMS to complete.

Get Your Inventory Listed; All of It

You’re not a private seller trying to sell one car, you’re a dealer and you want to be in front of everyone in your local area. This means adding all of your inventory to the Facebook Marketplace to make sure you’re seen by more viewers. Working with an Inventory Partner will automatically give your listings the authority needed to show that they are listed by a dealer.

Prepare for the Leads Coming from Facebook Marketplace

By listing your inventory on Facebook Marketplace, potential customers will send you a contact through Facebook Messenger to let you know they are interested in the vehicles you offer. It’s important that you respond quickly to any messages received through this service. Some customers will send messages to several dealers and choose the one that responds quickly to their messages. This is the most important reason for you to be ready to answer messages quickly. If you don’t answer a message within 24 hours, Messenger will turn off your communication with that lead. Don’t miss out on not being prepared for the leads that will come through this service. Set up a process to monitor and respond quickly to turn these leads into sales.

Put Information into Your Automotive CRM

The lack of integration from Facebook Messenger to automotive CRMs can be frustrating, but it’s important you manually transcribe the information to keep track of the leads coming from Facebook Marketplace. This will be the way to do it and the same person you assign to manage the Messenger account should probably be the one to transcribe these notes into your CRM service to keep the information current.

Bea Badged Dealership by Facebook Marketplace

You’ve seen them on your private Facebook account, you can earn badges for different levels of activity on your account. Facebook Marketplace has two badges for car dealers. One is “Very Responsive” which means you respond to most of your messages within one hour of receiving them. The other is “Community Recommended” which means you have received at least 75 percent positive reviews by Marketplace users.

Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

It should go unsaid, but we’re going to say it anyway. Make sure you use your best photos and descriptions with every Facebook Marketplace listing. High-quality photos and comprehensive descriptions will go a long way, especially since you are a dealership. Customers expect a greater level of professionalism from a company than what they would find with a private seller. Do these little things and get the most out of your Facebook Marketplace account.

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