The Meanest Audi Could be the RS 3

The Meanest Audi Could be the RS 3

Even in an unmodified form, the Audi RS 3 is truly an incredible sport sedan that can provide you with everything needed to make driving fun.

May you don’t think of the Audi A3 as being a fun luxury sedan, but when you turn that A into an RS and add the bits that go along with this change, you’ve got a car that can absolutely give you the fun you’re looking for. Is it time for you to experience both luxury and fun in the Audi that you drive?

A Dutch Team Shows How Much Fun is Found in the 2022 Audi RS 3

The Dutch team at AutoTopNL took a slightly modified version of the RS 3 out on the German autobahn to show what it could do. This showcase included a performance display with the Drift mode engaged, which is certainly entertaining for you to see. With the right upgrades, this is a car that can potentially reach 180 mph, which is what the Dutch team was working to showcase in their video, but this limited speed could be broken by tuners that can take away the electronic limits put in place by Audi.

How Can Such a Little Car Hit These Incredible Speeds?

You might not think the smallest of the Audi sedans could be made to reach speeds that we’re quoting for the RS 3, but this car certainly can. The RS 3 is one of the few cars in the market that uses a 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine for the drive. This engine is configured in an inline layout, making it possible for the 2-3 alternating cylinder firing to be possible. You’ll find 401 horsepower and 369 lb.-ft. of torque for this amazingly quick little car. Fuel mileage comes in at 18 city/27 hwy mpg, which is enough to consider allowing this Audi to be one you drive every day.

This engine is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission to put power to the wheels. The rear differential of other A3 models has been replaced by a torque splitter in the RS 3 version. This item uses multiple clutch discs on each end of the rear axle to allow the outer wheel to have more torque than the inner wheel, giving this car improved cornering ability and stronger drifting performance when the Drift mode is engaged.

Qualities Specific to the Audi RS 3

The RS 3 is the top model offered for the A3 lineup and it brings some items from every trim level to the mix to give this car the complete build you’re sure to admire. Features that are specific to the RS 3 include:

  • Nappa leather upholstery
  • RS Runway instruments
  • Readings for g-forces, lap times, and acceleration
  • High-performance carbon-ceramic brakes
  • RS sport exhaust
  • Aggressive suspension
  • New body build
  • Torque-splitter clutch system

These items are certainly in addition to the impressive engine that has a unique number of cylinders to give you the power delivery you desire.

Some Features Come from Lower Trims

Without looking at the options packages that are offered, we can see some of the features you’ll find in the Audi RS 3 that come from the A3 and S3 models. Here are just a few of them:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Wireless device charging
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Run-flat summer tires
  • LED headlights
  • Park Assist
  • Sport front seats
  • 10.1-inch touchscreen
  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  • Four USB ports
  • Tri-zone automatic climate controls
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Automatic high beams

As you can see, this car is equipped with the right items to make it a car you can drive every day while also being a car that is great to drive when you want to experience a fast lap on the track.

A Surprisingly Comfortable Performance Sedan/h2>The build of the Audi RS 3 gives you a cabin that’s a little larger than the previous version.

You’ll be glad to find more headroom, a little more shoulder room, and the luxury appointments that make this car pleasant to drive everywhere. If you want a performance car that brings you an excellent feeling, you can’t go wrong with this sports sedan.

The Size of this Audi is a Bit More

When you have more room in the cabin, you should expect the exterior dimensions of a vehicle to also be greater. This is certainly the case for this Audi. This is a car that is longer, wider, and taller than it was before. These changes might only be fractions of an inch, but those size differences can make your drive just a little better. The style of the RS 3 is different from the rest of the A3 lineup with performance items added to give this luxury sedan a sporty look.

You’re Going to Love the Infotainment System

The system used to keep you connected in the Audi RS 3 is called MIB 3. This system is much faster and more useful than the one that was part of the previous models of the A3 lineup. With the addition of Amazon Alexa compatibility, you can simply say “Hey, Audi,” and the digital assistant will be activated and respond to you.

This is a Car that Can Take on Any Road

Have you been looking for a sports car that can handle the winding roads through the Colorado mountains on a summer day? Do you want a car that is a pleasure to cruise along the fields of corn and grain in the Midwest? Would you like to drive a performance car along the shoreline found on both coasts or show off when you get to the city?

No matter where you want to drive, if you’re looking for a performance-oriented sports sedan, the Audi RS 3 is the ideal car for you. You’ll love the speed you can reach, the impressive acceleration offered, and the power found under the hood. Get ready to increase the pleasure you feel when you take a drive by heading out on the roads in your new RS 3.

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