Fiat Steers Towards Electric Vehicle Lineup

Many automakers are making commitments towards a mostly electric vehicle lineup in the very near future.

Fiat is one of the latest brands to steer towards an electric lineup with a goal of only electric vehicles by 2025 or 2030. Currently, only the Fiat 500e is purely electric.

Creation of Stellantis

In January of 2021, PSA and FCA fully merged to create Stellantis, which immediately aimed to improve the electric mobility of these brands.

Stellantis is planning to have four EV platforms ready by the end of the 2020s, and they originally announced their intentions to have 39 electric vehicle models ready by 2022.

To help facilitate this, a network of charging stations was in the works by November of 2021. Stellantis brands that are widely available in America include Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge Ram, and Fiat.

Fiat 500

Due to resource scarcity and the semiconductor chip shortage, it’s likely that some of the ambitious electrification goals of many automakers won’t go exactly as planned.

If you’re looking into Fiat’s electric lineup, for example, you’ll only find the Fiat 500e. Due to inventory shortages, getting a used Fiat 500 might be the best option. However, the Fiat 500 is a stylish little hatch with an all-new platform that is now EV-only.

The Fiat 500e manages to stand out from the crowd with an expansive fabric sunroof that goes all the way to the rear of the vehicle and even drops the rear window. The new electric Fiat 500 is longer, wider, and taller than the original gas 500. The gas-powered used Fiat 500 will also continue to be available for the foreseeable future.

Fiat Panda

One of the confirmed upcoming electric cars from Fiat is the Fiat Panda. Stellantis is aiming for this little electric car to claim the most affordable EV title. It will slot below the electric Fiat 500 in Fiat’s lineup. The Panda is a small, boxy electric car with narrow headlights and a squarish front that does indeed resemble its namesake.

The Fiat Panda is likely to arrive sometime around the spring of 2022 and can be customized with the 4U program. You can choose from four different roof covers, four bumper styles, four-wheel wraps, and four paint wraps. The inside is also customizable and interchangeable. You can add and change storage pockets, seats, and the gauge cluster. This level of customization is unusually broad for most EV models these days.

According to Fiat spokespeople, the idea is to include the customer in the new Panda design, which further creates an emotional investment and unique experience.

The Fiat Panda and Fiat 500e are only the beginning of the electric vehicle lineup for Fiat. The automaker hopes to have a fully electric lineup by 2030 or earlier.

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