The Pros and Cons of Working in the Car Business

The Pros and Cons of Working in the Car Business

Stories of what it’s like to work in the car business have been told many times over to give us an idea of what it’s like to sell cars.

Selling cars can be rewarding, it can be difficult, and it can be tiresome. Some people have the right personality and drive to sell lots of cars and move up the ladder at a dealership while others won’t last very long at all.

Commission Payments

Pro –Selling cars is typically a commission business which means the car salesperson can determine their income based on how many cars they sell. Many also earn bonuses that supplement their salary.

Con –Because the salary of a car salesperson is completely based on the number of cars sold, if you don’t sell any cars, you don’t get paid. This is the downside to the pay you can make in the car business.

Long Hours

Pro –Even though car sales often take place late into the night, if you’re working with customers all day, the time goes by quickly and you can think about how much money you make for every car sold.

Con –There are many days that are filled with waiting for customers to arrive, making cold calls to old leads, and days when you just don’t see any customers. These days feel extremely long and make it difficult to work in the car business.

Demo Cars

Pro –Many car dealerships allow their staff to drive demo cars. These cars are often the most popular models or the newest versions to come out. This benefit allows you to enjoy various cars and learn more about them so that you know what you’re talking about during the sales process.

Con –Some dealerships don’t allow the staff to drive demo cars.

Work Experience

Pro –Selling vehicles in the car business isn’t a physically difficult or grueling job. Most of your work is done with your smile, your words, and your pen. You get to spend most of your day in the air conditioning and be comfortable.

Con –You might spend several hours with a customer and then they don’t buy a car from you. This is one of the most frustrating aspects of this work experience.

The Customer Reaction

Pro –When you sell a car to a new customer and put them behind the wheel of the vehicle they will enjoy for a few years, you feel great and so do they. This is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as a car salesperson.

Con –Many people make fun of car salespeople and don’t respect the profession. It can be hard to deal with the jabs you might get from your friends after work.

Customer Loyalty

Pro –Even though customers often only need a car every few years, you can build a list of customers that you reach out to and work with every time they need a new or used car. This can give you a strong base of customers and make working in the car business rewarding for you.

Con –Many customers only buy when they feel they are getting the most value for their money, which can cut into your commission and cause you to make less.

Training is Provided

Pro –When you get started as a car salesperson, your dealership will provide you with training, possibly with an experienced salesperson to shadow, and give you tons of great tips to help you be successful. The more cars you sell, the better the dealership will do.

Con –Training typically only takes place when you first start selling cars. The car business is one that is successful only when the sales team is present, which means most dealers won’t spend a lot of time and money sending you for training later on.

Interesting Customers

Pro –You never know what type of customer is going to come through the door. You might work with one of the wealthiest people in town one day and then a struggling family the next. You can meet and work with many interesting people when you are a car salesperson.

Con –Many customers will lie to you and tell you they will be back or act like you are trying to take advantage of them. This can make working with customers “interesting” in a different way.

You have to take the good with the bad if you want to be in the car business and work as someone that is selling cars. Consider these pros and cons if you think you might want to sell cars to customers in your community.

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