Digital Marketing is More Essential than Ever for Car Dealers in 2020

Digital Marketing is More Essential than Ever for Car Dealers in 2020

Digital Marketing is changing at a shocking rate. What you did last year might not work as well this year.

Your focus and your online dynamics need to continually change to stay up with the trends in the market.  Whether you’re looking at 2020 from the view of COVID-19 messing up your business plan or you’re seeing it as an opportunity to understand where you need to grow, here are three ways you can take advantage of digital marketing for your car dealership.

Three Digital Marketing Trends for Your Dealership

What are you doing to make sure your car dealer is found online? Digital marketing is a simple way to talk about making sure your location is at or near the top of the list when your customers search for what you have to offer. There’s a lot of ways you can improve this area of your business, but these three will help your online presence improve dramatically.

Invest More in Digital Ads

More than 95 percent of car sales start online today and with that thought in mind, you need to be visible where your customers are. This means it’s more important than ever your ads show up in a variety of places to make sure you are visible and easy to find when customers go online to find a car. Improve your digital marketing by investing more money into digital ads that represent your company.

Where Can Your Ads Show Up?

The digital ads for your car dealership can show up in a variety of places. You could see your ads on Facebook, YouTube, and as popups when customers are performing searches for the brands that you sell. You want to be visible and it’s important to make sure your customers can see your ads when looking for the vehicles you sell.

Add More Emphasis on Micro-Moments in Your Digital Marketing

What are micro-moments? These are intent-rich moments when a user is presented with call-to-action buttons and they make a decision to choose one of these buttons to press and move forward to the next step of the process. These decision-making moments can shape and create how a customer engages with your dealership online.

Examples of Micro-Moments

Some examples of micro-moments area:

• Which car is best?

• Is it right for me?

• Can I afford it?

• Where should I buy it?

• Am I getting a good deal?

These are digital marketing opportunities that happen everywhere and give your customers the chance to fully engage with your dealership online. Create the right strategies to take full advantage of the micro-moments that your customers will see when they are online.

Embrace Voice Search in Your Digital Marketing

Using voice commands for general search topics has become more popular than ever before. We can use voice search in many places including when behind the wheel of a car. It’s important to embrace this and make sure your dealership is found through your digital marketing when a user chooses to engage with the use of voice search rather than typing in the keywords that relate to what they want to find.

How Can You Make Voice Search Better for Your Audience?

According to Search Engine Land, some things you need to keep in mind as voice searches increase are:

• Local Information for your dealership should be easy to find and up-to-date online to meet increased search volumes for local businesses with voice –using Google My Business will help with this

• Structured data provides more information about a brand and drives traffic. This helps pages appear in rich snippets, increasing the chances of being the first result from a voice search.

• Google Voice prioritizes quick-loading websites. Ensure your images are optimized, response time is reduced, and the site is fully responsive to be at the top of the voice search.

• Content should be optimized with long-tail keywords that reflect popular terms used in voice search.

• Increasing domain authority will help increase search engine rankings –this can be improved by including high-quality links.

Take Advantage of these Digital Trends Today

Has your dealership experienced slower sales due to the coronavirus pandemic? Is it time to make sure you’re more visible to your customers when they perform online searches? Use these three digital marketing trends to get your name and your dealership to the top of the search engine lists. You’ll see more traffic come through your site and then through your door when you’re one of the first dealers online users see in your area.

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