Should Dealers Worry About Microsoft Advertising Formerly Bing Ads?

The Underdog Search Engine

In short, yes dealers should worry about Microsoft Advertising, formerly Bing Ads. Google is the reigning search engine, but when you take a closer look at its competitors, you’ll find that Bing still holds a large portion of the search engine activity with nearly 133 million users.

Reach More Than Just Bing Users

Did you know that Microsoft Advertising serves ads on multiple search engines? When you create an ad for your dealership, it has the potential to appear on MSN, Yahoo, and Bing, giving you more reach with just a single ad. This means your ad budget will go farther because you can create one Microsoft Advertising ad, which will work for three search engines instead of having to customize an ad for each one. Let Microsoft Advertising work hard for you, so you can focus on your campaigns and reaching new customers.

Ideal Search Engine to Target Ideal Audience for Dealerships

The auto industry is made up of a variety of customers including a wide range of lifestyles and age ranges. What makes Bing an interesting ad space for dealerships is its average age of users. Most Bing users are at least 34 years or older and have a higher income, with nearly 40% of those users bringing home a six-figure income, according to top marketer Neil Patel. These stats show the opportunities for your dealership to target customers who have more income to spend on vehicles and who are older and more established in their careers to upgrade their cars and splurge on more luxury brands and top tech features.

Go Beyond Ad Words

You may feel confident in your Ad Words ability, but don’t let that stop you from trying Microsoft Advertising. You’ll gain a new skill and give your dealership more opportunities to advertise to a new audience. It’s easy to stay in routines, but don’t let Google’s presence keep you from trying Microsoft Advertising.

Test Out Microsoft Advertising

LS: 7-8-19You may think you’re all set with ads through Ad Words, but it’s important not to overlook untapped ad spaces including Microsoft Advertising formerly Bing Ads. There are millions of new customers just waiting to view your dealership ads, customers you may never reach if you’re exclusively creating ads on Ad Words. It’s time to broaden your dealership’s advertising goals and start reaching your target audience with Microsoft Advertising.

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