Level Up Your Drive with These 4 Auto Gadgets

While many vehicles offer similar technology for navigation and sound these days, there are tons of gadgets that can improve your commute.

We highlighted a few of our current favorites below, ensuring that we covered everything from heads-up displays to the Tile app.

HUDWAY Cast Heads-Up Display

Navigation systems and map apps have come a long way over the last several years, but a challenge most of us face is that we need to look away from the road to view the display. The HUDWAY Glass is an affordable and lightweight mount for your smartphone that allows it to project as a heads-up display. It works with both Android and iOS devices, making it more compatible than other new technologies.

PolyVoyager 5200

When looking at Bluetooth headsets for the road, it’s important that taking and making calls is safe and easy. It’s also important that the sound quality is high, as you don’t want to miss a sales opportunity or important question because you can’t hear the person on the other line. Poly (formerly Plantronics)has had a long-standing reputation as a leader in the headset space, offering quality products at an affordable price. Two of our favorite features are the WindSmart technology and noise-canceling microphone, making you truly a road warrior.

Handpresso Auto -Portable Espresso Machine

No time to stop for coffee on your way to a meeting? No problem. Never show up under-caffeinated again when you have the Handpresso Auto. This coffee maker was designed for the road and enables you to prepare your morning beverage in just two minutes using a 12v cigarette lighter plug. The device can use espresso pods or ground espresso coffee and will make a short and strong dose –just right to get your wheels spinning for the day.

Tile Pro

While an app and finder might not be as sexy as some of the other gadgets mentioned, we have all experienced the panic of a lost set of keys. The Tile Pro provides a long-range and loud ring to enable you to find your keys from a distance. The accompanying app has options such as location history (helpful if you don’t know where to start), smart alerts, and even Unlimited Sharing to share your location with friends & family or have them help you find your lost finder.

Whether you already have some of these auto gadgets or are just starting to level up your drive, anything that makes your commute more enjoyable is worth investing in.


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