Are You Prepared for Digital Growth in 2023?

Are You Prepared for Digital Growth in 2023?

The evolution of digital marketing can only be described as constant. This means you need new strategies for digital growth in 2023.

You can’t rely on the same old way of doing things, and some strategies that were effective in 2022 might not work as you head into 2023. It’s important that your company learns to adapt to market shifts and learn what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the online world.

Let’s explore some ways you can add value and adjust your strategies to ensure your digital marketing provides the greatest value for your company.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with the Most Advanced Marketing Tools

Is your digital marketing automated? Shouldn’t it be? Efficiency and effectiveness often come from the ability to automate as much as possible. Can you add Artificial Intelligence to your marketing strategies and tools?

Adding AI to the mix can help automate your marketing and offer more direct and impactful messages to online users searching for specific products and services. The purpose of this type of automation is to simulate human capabilities. Some companies use it to offer 24/7 answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Thought Leadership is a Key to Online Marketing

Can your digital growth come from showing your expertise in the market? When you showcase your area of expertise and establish your position as an expert, online users can benefit from what you offer. This is a key way to keep users on your pages.

If they know they can get more information that answers questions, offers helpful advice, and provides desired insights while they’re viewing your content, you’ll be the company they turn to for products and services. This expert position delivers a serious advantage for your company.

Is Your Company Ready for the Shift?

If you use a digital marketing agency, you should ask them if they’re prepared for the shift away from Universal Analytics and toward Google Analytics 4. This change takes place in the summer of 2023 and brings with it a learning curve and action plan that should be implemented.

The best way to get ready for this change is to run both at the same time and allow your data to flow into both systems. Additionally, you need to increase the tracking pixel for GA4 to begin to create historical data that will put your company ahead of the competition when this change takes effect in the summer.

Have You Begun to Advertise Without Cookies?

Third-party tracking cookies will phase out near the end of 2024, which means your company must have a better way to gather user information and habits. Have you started to advertise without cookies, or do you have a plan in place to begin to do this?

Changing away from cookies helps with your digital growth and allows you to offer advertising that’s consistent with what you’ll present once these cookies are gone. Additionally, you’ve got to have a better way to collect data using first-party sources.

Put Advanced Marketing Analytics Tools to Work

How long are users staying on your pages? How do you know what’s working for your clients and what isn’t? How can you lower the cost of customer acquisition to ensure your company performs better for your clients?

The data shows up in the marketing analytics tools, but you’ve got to invest in them and implement them to make them work. When you buy a tool, you’ll want to learn everything that it offers and how it can help your company grow and improve with the data collected.

Create New Programs With Old Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

Your digital growth can also come from the value you offer customers when you’re looking for a way to build loyalty among the customers that frequently purchase from your business. Offer programs with discounts and freebies to your loyal customers, but also offer some separate programs for new shoppers.

Of course, one of the best programs for both is a referral program with discounts that both can benefit from. Once you do this, it’s important to overcommunicate the fulfillment of these programs and collect data to learn whether or not the customers’ expectations were met.

Are You Tracking the Performance of your Ad Spend?

Setting up and using a PPC program versus tracking the traffic and engagement are two completely different things. You might spend a specified amount on PPC every month, but are you using lead conversion tracking to ensure the money spent is going where it should?

This is an important part of digital growth in your market. You want to make sure you’re spending wisely and grabbing the maximum benefit from your advertising budget. If you’re not doing this, you’re missing out on a serious growth opportunity.

Yes, You Must Adjust Your SEO Strategy

Probably one of the most important transitions in the digital marketing world is to optimize your site to range on Google using modern SEO strategies. The SEO world has changed. Some digital marketing agencies have found value in alternative search engines, including Bing, while others focus heavily on making the Google presence as strong as possible.

Some content is now optimized specifically for social media platforms, while others offer new opportunities to create content and reach customers. SEO continues to evolve, which means your company should work to create a strategy that brings growth and success.

Some of the best ways to figure out what works for SEO today, includes:

  • Testing new search terms
  • Optimizing for different search engines
  • Creating different kinds of content for different channels
  • Assessing your results to see what works best

The ever-changing world of SEO presents a moving target that can be hard to hit at times. It’s important that you adjust your process and plan to ensure your content reaches the top of various search engines.

How Will You Create Digital Growth?

It might not make sense or be within your budget to implement all of the changes presented here, but you should make some changes for the digital marketing world of 2023. Some of the most affordable changes could be adjusting your SEO strategy or building customer loyalty while investing in tools might be something you do in the future. Either way, the goal is digital growth.

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