Japan Gets Limited Vivid Orange Edition Camaro – The Last of Its Kind

Japan Gets Limited Vivid Orange Edition Camaro - The Last of Its Kind

The Chevrolet Camaro is being offered in a Vivid Orange Edition model as a lmited run version for the Japanese market for the first time ever.

Although we can get frustrated by the car models that don’t make it to the United States, sometimes, our domestic cars aren’t offered in foreign countries. The Chevy Camaro has been part of the Japanese market for many years, but never in Vivid Orange paint. This color has been available in the United States for many years, but now a handful of Japanese customers will get to ride around in a muscle car that absolutely grabs your attention with its bright orange paint scheme.

A special edition for the island nation

The current version of the Chevy Camaro will be gone from existence soon. We’re pretty sure the next version will be an electric model, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Even worse, it’s possible the new Camaro generation will be an SUV. Such sacrilege in the muscle car world might make you run to your local Chevy dealer to buy one of the Camaro models offered. To squeeze as much juice out of the last few years of the Camaro as possible, Chevy will bring a small number of orange cars to the Japanese market.

What does this special edition car feature?

The new Chevrolet Camaro Vivid Orange Edition features a bright orange paint scheme with a silver strip that runs down the middle. This stripe is wide and covers the center of the car from the nose to the tail. Inside, the seats are jet-black Recaro performance models, giving owners the sporty feeling desired when inside this impressive muscle car. The most interesting aspect of this car is the color, but you might also find the model to be interesting as well.

All versions of the Japanese Vivid Orange Edition cars are the Camaro SS trim level. This allows owners to enjoy the benefits of a powerful 6.2-liter V8 engine that produces 447 horsepower and 455 lb-ft of torque. This impressive powertrain gives these owners the real Camaro experience instead of being offered with the smaller 4-cylinder engine that we find in base versions of the car. Imagine one of these beautiful orange cars racing around on the streets of Tokyo or out on the country roads between cities in Japan.

Artwork to go with this Camaro

In addition to the bright orange paint scheme, Chevrolet partnered with graffiti artist Number-D to create various pieces of artwork depicting the Vivid Orange Edition Camaro. This artwork will become part of the excitement around the car, with all dealers offering a piece of art to anyone who comes to test drive a Camaro. This new orange Camaro will be on display at the Chevrolet Fan Day at Fuji Speedway on May 20, and deliveries of this car will begin in mid-June. This car and the artwork done by Number-D will go fast, making it an instant success in Japan.

The end of the current Camaro is nigh

The Chevrolet Camaro, as we know it, will end production in January 2024. That means no more orders, special models, or upgrades to this car. We expect to see some special edition models offered in the United States, giving the Camaro a similar send-off to what we had with the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170.

Although the Camaro name isn’t done, a direct replacement for the muscle car isn’t coming immediately, and rumors show a new EV or an SUV could war the Camaro name in the future.

How many orange Camaros are heading to Japan?

We mentioned the new Chevrolet Camaro Vivid Orange Edition is a limited model for the Japanese market. This car will be extremely rare, with only 20 versions heading to the island nation. Although the price should be equivalent to $66,275 for these versions, its possible dealers will quickly seize the opportunity and increase the price due to the demand and rarity of this new car.

The sad day is coming, and the end of the Chevy Camaro as we know it will be gone forever. We expect to see some special models offered before the production ends in January, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Will the next vehicle wearing the Camaro badge be just as much fun as the current muscle car? We certainly hope so but we can’t say for sure.

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