Jeep Drops Mopar Teasers For Easter Jeep Safari


Sticking with tradition, Jeep will be showcasing new Mopar concepts for the Easter Jeep Safari this year in Moab, Utah. Jeep has dropped some new teaser images for these concepts, but the press release is mostly full of buzzwords and not exactly rich with details. Jeep is likely keeping things secret up until the event, but it does appear that one concept is an electric 4xe model

57th Annual Easter Jeep Safari

The 2023 event is the 57th running and traditionally it’s a time when Jeep loves to show off new concept vehicles. The dates for 2023 are between April 1st and the 9th. This year, Jeep has said that it will show off a completely new collection of Mopar concepts. The first two teasers came out a few days ago, or as Jeep calls them, Trail Markers. Unlike some teasers, these images are in fact sketches.

The first sketch depicts a burly two-door Gladiator with extra large off-road tires and some strikingly huge fenders. Looking closely at the radiant green sketch, you can see the driver’s side mirror resting directly in front of the huge fender instead of on the A-pillar.

The second sketch shows a muted blue color and a Wrangler Rubicon off-road setup with tube half-doors and no top. Unlike the green sketch, the mirror placement is in the standard spot. The rear windows appear to have been replaced with a utility rack.

Second Batch of Teasers Drop

For the 2022 event, Jeep brought a total of seven concept vehicles to display. It’s probably a safe bet to assume they will bring that amount or more to this year’s event. Three more teasers have now been released to bring the total amount to five. The first new sketch is in shades of red with the front grille of a Wagoneer visible.

The second sketch is in bright hues of pink and purple and shows a Rubicon front end, and the third sketch is the clearest yet with a green Jeep Wrangler traveling a dirt path viewed from the front. Jeep added that these are Mopar concept sketches showing mission-capable vehicles.

The question for Jeep Nation is what comes to mind when you think of electric off-road capability, powerful platforms, and unapologetic color palettes?

Headed For Moab

In 2022, Jeep headlined its concept vehicles with the Wrangler Magneto 2.0. Unlike most of the battery-powered vehicles on the road, the Magneto 2.0 doesn’t use electric motors directly at the wheels but instead replaces the gas-powered engine with an electric motor. The Wrangler Magneto is not at your local Jeep dealer right now, but it’s expected that some form of this concept will be released in 2024.

Get ready for the 2023 Easter Jeep Safari by keeping an eye on the Jeep website for more teasers leading up to the event on April 1st.

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