The Next Big EV in America: The GMC Sierra EV Denali

The Next Big EV in America The GMC Sierra EV Denali

America is known for its big cars and its bigger pickup trucks. And a company like GMC, which is known for its ability to make the biggest and most powerful trucks out there, is not messing around when it comes to its turn to make an electric truck: the GMC Sierra EV Denali.

The next big EV in America is the all-new GMC Sierra EV Denali. GMC makes big cars, and this one is no exception. Like the Hummer EV, which was also spearheaded by GMC, the new Sierra EV Denali is going to be big, powerful, and legendary. Every automotive company is pining to design the best and most innovative EV vehicle yet, and GMC is not shying away from the challenge.

While pioneering electric vehicles is still underway, GMC has done some pretty cool stuff. This article will focus on the essential packages that GMC has packed into this pickup. Read on to find out!

Innovation and Impressive Specs

With the constant pressure to create more innovative, environmentally conscious vehicles, GMC has been forced into a race it doesn’t mind running. The likes of Ford, Ram, and Chevrolet have all cast their bets, and GMC is the latest to try its hand in the electric pickup truck department. In terms of capability, we know GMC will do just fine. Take one look at the new Hummer EV, and you’ll know exactly what GMC can do.


When it comes to pickup trucks, power might just be the most important function. Some people are under the impression that electric vehicles produce less power. While that might be true with some cars, that is not the case here. The 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 is one of the most anticipated trucks of the year, and it gets up to 420 HP. The GMC Sierra EV Denali, which is set to be ready in 2024, gets a reported 754 HP! That’s massive. The EV Denali will also get 785 lb of torque. If you are worried that this EV won’t be able to do big jobs, don’t worry. It’s strong.

Is it Sustainable?

Maybe the most important function of an EV is its ability to function well and do it over and over again. Luckily for those interested in buying this truck when it comes out, the GMC Sierra EV Denali is capable of driving 400 miles at a time.

Its recharging capabilities are also impressive. The EV Denali is able to plug into 800-volt DC fast chargers and can be plugged into up to 350 kW of power. What does that mean? It means that every 10 minutes of charging will add up to 100 miles of driving for the truck.

What’s Next

What’s next is to wait for the arrival of this amazing EV. What makes this truck so special is that it holds true GMC values. In fact, it might go over and beyond. Will you be one of the ones to purchase this vehicle when it comes out?


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