The GMC Jimmy Can Do Four-Wheel Donuts

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If you’ve ever wandered onto the lot of a GMC dealership looking for something that rivals the Jeep Wrangler, you’ve probably left slightly disappointed. While GMC makes a variety of SUVs that can handle the off-road, few stand up to the Wrangler’s power and ability…until now. Enter the GMC Jimmy, GMC’s answer to vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco.

Truck-Based SUV

Many SUVs are made with the same body architecture that you find in sedans. This construction is what allows these vehicles to handle so well. Body-on-frame builds have always been used for larger SUVs. Just stop by your local GMC dealership and explore GMC Yukon XL, for example.

The body-on-frame design is most commonly found on pickup trucks. It’s what allows them to handle a variety of terrains, offer stellar towing abilities, and be the toughest vehicles on the road. The GMC Jimmy will be one of the few mid-size SUVs utilizing this rugged frame.

Truck-based SUVs like the Wrangler and the Toyota 4Runner seem to be flying off the shelves, even with higher prices. The Jimmy will most likely use the same 3.6-liter V6 that comes in GMC’s mid-size pickups like the Canyon.

Why is it Called The “Jimmy?”

The original GMC Jimmy was an upscale SUV that followed the release of the Chevy Blazer. It first hit the road in 1970, but it was eventually discontinued in 1991 when the Yukon took over. There was a smaller version of the Jimmy that was replaced by the Envoy in 2002.

The Jimmy got its name from the sound that you get from the letters “GM.” This is a similar story to how the Jeep got its name. Many people believe that the way you pronounce “GP,” which stands for “general purpose,” led to the name Jeep.

Even though the Jimmy was discontinued, it looks like it will be coming back to a GMC dealership near you. There’s a fresh demand for mid-size SUVs that provide performance, adventure, and fun.

When The Jimmy Shows Off

Recently, the GMC Jimmy showed off at the Hoonigan Burnyard, a designated area of asphalt where drivers can safely perform burnouts and drifts. All kinds of high-powered vehicles have shown off in this space, but not surprised onlookers more than the GMC Jimmy.

GMC brought a killer version of the Jimmy to the burnyard. It has a 572 cubic-inch big-block engine that produces a solid 733 horsepower and 733 lb-ft of torque. It has a Gearstar transmission that sends power to all four wheels, which makes creating smoke from each tire a breeze. Those in attendance thought this SUV was certainly going to flip, but it handled doing doughnuts like a pro. You can see a video of this amazing feat here.

Hopefully, this spectacle is a sign of things to come, and the GMC Jimmy is coming back to a GMC dealership in your area. If the rumors are true, GMC is taking a shot at the Wrangler for the most prominent and powerful mid-size, off-road SUV out there. Only time will tell.

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