Data Collection is Becoming More Direct for Marketers

Data Collection is Becoming More Direct for Marketers

The most disengaged data collection is called third-party data. This data is made of the cookies and popups you see when searching online.

Moving into 2021, there will be an emphasis on the collection of first-party data from consumers. This data is much more direct and right from the user than both second and third-party data. This could pose challenges for marketing agencies going forward.

The Rise of Privacy Restrictions

According to Merkle’s 2021 Customer Engagement Report, “digital media activation will be the area most impacted with the rise of privacy-related data restrictions.” This impact will cause many different areas of digital marketing to need to make changes and work toward collecting data in ways that require permission from consumers. This means marketing agencies will need to prioritize how and what type of data they collect and store.

Trust is Paramount for Data Collection

The restriction on third-party data collection makes not only first and second-party data more important than ever, but also zero-party data. This type of data is collected when a customer engages with a company and initiates the process of giving information to this company. Typically, this means having a trusted company that more customers will be willing to engage with and give information during the experience.

Zero-Party Data is a Trade

Not only does zero-party data collection take place when a customer engages with a company through their own initiation, but there’s also typically a benefit to the customer for volunteering this information. Whether that benefit is an improved experience with the company or an offer that can be used, the data is given freely to the company. As you would expect, this data is of the utmost importance and can be extremely valuable for any company that has earned this trust.

How Can Your Car Dealership Gather Data the Right Way?

Not only can your dealership use marketing techniques that engage with customers to reach data collection through first and zero-party initiatives, but you can also engage in second-party data collection as well. The right way to reach customers and engage in first or zero-party data collection can be through your social media marketing programs across various platforms.

The Creation and Use of Social Media Marketplaces

Nearly every social media platform now has a marketplace for you to use and offer your products. Along with these e-commerce markets through social platforms, you can enjoy data collection with an engaging presence on these platforms where your audience can help you share your message and bring potential new customers into the mix. This allows you to avoid being part of the cookies and popup ads that are offered on many sites.

Create a Partnership and Gather Second-Party Data

Another rising data collection initiative is second-party data which can be shared through non-competitive partnerships, according to the Merkle report. Currently, there is a partnership between Amazon and Buick that allows the car brand and the use of the Amazon Alexa service to be promoted together. This can work for you and your car dealership if you create partnerships with local businesses that don’t compete with you.

Data Collection is Extremely Important

The Merkle report gives tons of information regarding how digital agencies approach the growing need for various solutions. Currently, this report shows that more than half of marketers are using digital experiences and strategies for the collection of first-party data. This means the online experience you offer your customers is extremely important. You’ll want to ensure your dealership is engaging customers through various online strategies that will allow you to show up in relevant searches.

Forget the Third-Party Data Collection World

Now is the time to build your digital marketing strategy in such a way that you can easily stay away from third-party data and be more direct with your customer base. Whether you collect this data through offers that your customers make use of, with customers who initiate engagement with your dealership, or via a partnership that you build, you’ll be pleased to gather the information that protects the privacy of your customers and gives you the information you need.

Where Are You Going to Get Your Data From?

Do you have a digital marketing team on your side? Have they already made strides to avoid the third-party processes of data collection? Is your social media presence engaging and allowing your business to have a larger audience than ever before? If none of these are true, it’s time to make a change and find the team that helps you gather zero, first, and second-party data.

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