Should Your Dealership Advertise with Waze?

Should Your Dealership Advertise with Waze?

The short and simple answer to this question is yes, you should definitely advertise with Waze and get your name noticed on this platform.

It’s especially useful for dealerships in larger metropolitan areas. This popular app is one of the most impactful and cost-effective ways to reach potential consumers on their mobile devices and it can help drive more customers into your lot.

Over 25 Million Daily Users

What is Waze and how can it help your dealership marketing strategy? Waze is a maps/navigation tool used by over 90 million consumers every month in the US. It’s also a great advertising opportunity for your dealership. The Waze app offers many features useful for drivers, such as real-time traffic reports, turn-by-turn navigation, road information, and police presence in the area. Most users love the app and are probably used to seeing ads pop on the screen when their vehicle comes to a complete stop. And that’s where you come in.

Drive Customers to Your Dealership

Potential customers are driving by your dealership every day and Waze can help you steer them into your lot instead of allowing them to cruise on by. You probably won’t need sign-spinners and helium balloons outside your dealership anymore.

Waze is Easy to Set Up and Cost-Effective

And the best things about Waze –it’s easy to set up and it’s super cheap. Dealers can advertise their location on Waze for as little as $2 a day –which offers you a branded pin that hovers at your geotagged location. Pins expand to show business information and any deals or offers. If you advertise on Waze your business will come up automatically when someone is searching for companies in a similar industry. And the great thing is that if you choose this route, your dealership will appear before non-advertising businesses. When drivers spot your app one simple click will navigate them right to your door.

Impressive Impressions

This is a great way to get lots of views or impressions, clicks to your ads, and of course, people turning up on your doorstep. User statistics are showing some impressive ROI for dealerships.

Waze Dashboard

Once you’ve set up your Waze account and start getting into the swing of things, it’s easy to monitor your ad’s progress. It will tell you how many people have viewed your ad, how many people have engaged with your ad, and the cost per action.

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