Ford F-150 Lightning: Key Likes and Dislikes From Owners

Ford F-150 Lightning: Key Likes and Dislikes From Owners

How do owners feel about their Ford F-150 Lighting electric trucks? The EV market is fairly new, which makes reviewing an electric truck more interesting.

As the EV market grows, we learn more about various models that utilize a large battery pack and electric motors to provide power for the drive. Sometimes, learning directly from actual owners can help us understand more about vehicles than what we learn from automakers. Owners drive their vehicles daily and can easily provide the desired information to give us a first-hand account of what’s happening with a vehicle.

Here are some owner likes and dislikes regarding the Ford F-150 Lightning.

How does Tom Moloughney from InsideEvs feel about his electric truck?

Tom purchased a 2022 Ford F-150 Lighting Lariat with the extended range battery. After two months, he posted his likes and dislikes regarding the truck. During this time, he drove the truck 3,000 miles which included a 1,000 road trip into Canada. This version of the truck has 580 horsepower and 775 lb-ft of torque, which is incredible. Still, these are Tom’s pros and cons about the truck.


  • Power and performance
  • Panoramic glass roof with power sunscreen
  • Smooth driving/independent suspension
  • Extremely quiet cabin
  • Efficiency and driving range
  • Regenerative braking coach
  • Power liftgate with step
  • Mega power frunk
  • Pro Power Onboard
  • Rear seating room and comfort
  • Ford Intelligent Backup Power system


  • Opaque front light bar
  • No Numeric state of charge display
  • Android Auto connection failures
  • One Pedal Driving Mode integration
  • Driver’s sun visor
  • Front motor power/torque steer
  • Wireless phone charger compartment
  • Weak center console armrest spring
  • Only available in one configuration
  • Limited supply/availability
  • Inadequate charging information

Gaining an additional perspective

Let’s consider another owner who shared his likes and dislikes in a YouTube Video. This owner also has the Lariat trim but has the 2023 model year version of the Ford F-150 Lightning. Here are his likes and dislikes:

Like: Power Running Boards

Power Running Boards are a $255 factory option and can easily be worth the added cost, especially when you consider the price of the Ford Lightning. These items allow a set of running boards to appear from under the truck when the truck is unlocked, making it easier to get inside the pickup.

Dislike: Infotainment Isn’t Smooth

Some menus and screens on the infotainment system take time loading and makes it difficult for you to change settings during your drive. The system is a little slower than similar systems in other trucks, which could become a little frustrating when you’re driving the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Like: Ride Quality and Comfort

This electric Ford truck is extremely quiet on the road, making it feel more like a luxury SUV on the road rather than an American pickup truck. The soft and supple ride makes it easy for you to have the quality you want to enjoy when you head out on the road every day. Enjoy the quiet cabin offered in the Lightning.

Dislike: No Cooled Seats in the Rear

The front seats in this Ford electric truck are heated and cooled, but the rear seats only offer heating but not cooling. This means passengers riding the rear of this truck on hot days won’t have the same cooling effects as those in the front seats. This isn’t a big deal, but for a truck that costs $80,000, cooled rear seats shouldn’t be that big of a challenge.

Like: Frunk and Full Bed

One of the top features of the Ford F-150 Lightning is the large storage space in the front of the truck. This storage space takes over where the engine is located in the ICE versions of this truck. The frunk has power outlets, a waterproof under-floor storage area with a drain, and it can be covered during your drive. Additionally, you have the full-size powered truck bed in the rear to help you carry and haul anything you need.

Dislike: Lack of Premium Materials

The lower trims of the electric Ford can have plastics and cheaper materials, but when you step up to the Lariat trim and spend $80,000, you expect to have more comfortable and softer materials in many areas of the truck. The top of the dashboard is made of mostly hard plastic and should have premium material for this feature at this trim level.

Overall, the Ford F-150 Lightning is a pleasant truck with ample power and performance for most drivers. Could this electric Ford truck be the next pickup you choose when you want a great daily driver that offers tons of convenience and comfort features?

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