2024 Hyundai Santa Fe Model Review

2024 Hyundai Santa Fe Model Review

The redesigned Santa Fe will soon be arriving at your Hyundai dealer. Hyundai’s flagship SUV has never rocked the boat so to speak, but the 2024 redesign is a head-turner with its bold, blocky styling and standard third row of seats. Let’s take a look at what’s all new for the new Santa Fe generation.

Striking All-New Design

A review of the new 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe would be lacking without discussion about the striking new design. Hyundai threw out the same crossover styling of the previous model and replaced it with something that could be the next generation of the Ford Flex if that model hadn’t been discontinued. The front of Santa Fe has the most handsome proportions with a grille that’s both sleek and aggressive and plenty of beveled angles.

The rear of the car is a little less striking as the tail lights seem to be mounted too low, which creates a lot of boring visual space above. The rear fascia ends up looking unnecessarily blocky due to the taillight position.

Fortunately, the side view of the new Santa Fe is much nicer with rugged lines that do a lot with the extra 1.8 inches of length that the new model has. Instead of a two-row SUV with room for five passengers, the new Santa Fe can now accommodate six or seven passengers in three rows.

Cabin Improvements

The cabin in the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe has a lot of improvements compared to the previous model. It offers upgraded materials, a cleanly laid-out center console, and a fancy new steering wheel that looks like something from a Land Rover model. Two 12.3-inch displays cover a single piece of glass and include the digital gauge cluster and infotainment.

The center armrest bin between the two front seats has hinges in both the front and rear to allow access by both front and rear passengers. There’s another large bin under the console, plus two gloveboxes. One glovebox can be outfitted with a UVC light to sterilize various personal items.

The three rows of seats are a brand-new feature on the Santa Fe. These can be had with second-row captain’s chairs as well. Another nice thing about the seating is that the rear seats are slightly elevated in a stadium-style to give rear passengers a decent view out the front.

Powertrains and Specs

The new Santa Fe comes in either FWD or AWD with three rows of seats that can be configured to seat either six or seven passengers. The estimated price range is $33,000 for the base SE trim and $47,000 for the top Calligraphy trim. There are three midrange trims in between.

There are two powertrains available on the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe. The base motor is a 1.6-liter inline-four with an AC motor that makes 232 horsepower. The second motor is a 2.5-liter inline-four that makes 277 horsepower. Transmission choices consist of a six-speed automatic or an eight-speed automatic.

The all-new 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe is expected to hit your Hyundai dealer around March.


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