Top 5 Modifications for the Toyota Tacoma

Top 5 Modifications for the Toyota Tacoma

When you’re shopping for a Toyota Tacoma for sale, you’re sure to fall in love with the many different trims and model year releases available. While standard and upgraded models have lots of great features to offer, there’s nothing quite like a modification to amp up performance. Let’s take a look at five of the most popular Toyota Tacoma modifications for you to consider.

Of-Road Wheels and Tires

If you’re shopping for a Toyota Tacoma for sale and you’re planning on getting a little dirty, a modification you news is performance off-roading tires. Sure, the original tires will get you where you need to go, but an enhancement really leaves your adventures unrestricted.

Most drivers opt for 33-inch tires with 17-inch wheels, but bumping up to 20-inch wheels may be better if you know you’re going to be riding rough with your Tacoma. All-terrain or mud tires are great selections to go with; just keep in mind that they’ll bring with them plenty of noise when you’re on the highway.

Suspension Upgrade

Suspension upgrades are a must if you plan on riding rough with your Toyota Tacoma. Toyota offers a variety of OEM performance suspension and chassis accessories. They’re also a number of third-party kits you can install. However, shopping with the manufacturer directly is the best way to ensure you’re getting quality parts and safe performance. Not only will a suspension upgrade boost comfort and performance when you’re tackling tough terrain, but pairing your Tacomas suspension upgrade with a lift kit will also give your truck an overall improved appearance.

Custom Seat Covers

Time to get fancy with custom seat covers. Shop from the manufacturer directly or shop from third parties that specialize in the overall comfort and aesthetics of seat covers. The type of seat covers you want to opt for largely depends on what you’ll be using your Tacoma for. For example, if you plan on off-roading often, opting for an easy-to-clean seat cover like one made of marine-grade vinyl can be a great choice. You’ll also find more stylish materials, such as faux leather and accent stitch seats, that improve the overall appearance.

Roof Racks and Camper Mods

Any true adventure lover will be touring around their gear. Whether it’s their camping gear, a kayak, or other accessories for a great time out in the wild. Sure, you can use the truck bed, but having a roof rack can save you a world of space, freeing up the bed for more easy-access items. If you want a two-for-one, shopping roof rack and camping mod combinations allow you to enhance the overall efficiency of your Tacoma. Tacomas are one of many popular pickups that lend well to portable rooftop camping. When you’re looking to call it a night on your off-road adventures, having an accessory combination can prove invaluable.

Upgrade Your Lighting Options

If you’re staying out till dark or find yourself battling sunset during the short winter days, then a lighting upgrade is a must. Trick out your Tacoma with roof rack lighting, improved LED headlights, and side lights which can be super helpful in Illuminating the side of your vehicle if you go off-roading in the dark. With so many different styles and design styles to opt for, this is easily one of the more enjoyable mods to shop.


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