Hot Take: The Buick Enclave is One of the Best SUVs Out Now


You might not know this, but the Buick Enclave is a highly underrated SUV. Buick is a trusted brand, but they are not known for its outstanding sport utility vehicles. Not anymore.

The Buick Enclave is a compact SUV with lots of space, performance, and enough versatility to take the family on any adventurous journey. Even though the car market has been up and down these past few years, people are desperate for SUVs, cars that can drive anywhere, fit anything, and still get decent fuel economy. The Enclave is one of those in a long list of feisty competitors.

With the likes of Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, and Subaru, Buick has a tough task ahead, but the Enclave is a beautiful beast and a worthy opponent. Considering the Buick Enclave has everything an SUV needs, performance, power, space, and sweet sporty design, it is going to do just fine in today’s automotive market. Plus, it has Buick’s signature luxury brand to go along with being a great SUV.
Look out, the Buick Enclave might just be the best SUV of 2023. There’s a lot to uncover, so let’s keep at it.

Why Buy Buick?

There are plenty of reasons why Buick has been so successful over the years. Buick, ever since their inception in 1903, has been on a long, innovative journey to get to where they are right now. The automotive brand is known for producing high-quality vehicles with a luxurious sense, and even though the Buick Enclave is an SUV, a car that’s ready to get a little dirty, it is still a premium luxury vehicle.

Not Your Grandma’s Buick

Buick does not have a reputation for making the most powerful vehicles on the market, and that’s because they just don’t, but the Enclave is an outlier and easily one of their most powerful vehicles ever made. Its 3.6- liter V6 DOHC engine is perfect for the SUV experience, and 310 ponies under the hood is a pleasant addition. Enclave’s 266 lb-ft of torque is enough to get you where you are going quickly, and a nine-speed automatic transmission not only feels great on any road but can tow up to 5,000 pounds.

For its size, the Buick Enclave is surprisingly quick. The larger SUV gets zero to 60 in 6.5 seconds, so whether you’re going to the grocery store or the Grand Canyon, you’ll get there in time.

Performance Meets Premium

The Buick Enclave has the performance, we know that now, but does it live up to Buick’s immaculate luxury? The answer is yes.

With a sporty exterior, the Enclave’s interior is something to admire, truly. The inside of the Buick Enclave has everything you could think of. Screens, plug-in ports, safety features, a premium sound system, and so much comfort you’ll be tempted to sleep in this car. Yeah, the Buick Enclave may not be the most popular SUV right now, but its competitors don’t have this kind of luxury.

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