10 Reason You’ll Want to Drive the Cadillac Lyriq

10 Reason You’ll Want to Drive the Cadillac Lyriq

The first entry into the electric luxury world from Cadillac is the Lyriq. This new and impressive electric SUV takes our breath away.

If you’re looking for a Cadillac that brings the design elements and qualities from this brand together in an EV, this is the one. The Lyriq is extremely attractive and easy to admire as soon as you see it. This new model packs the drive and power desired to be useful and comfortable when you’re out on the road. Let’s take a look at some great reasons to drive this impressive electric luxury SUV.

1. The Choice of Either RWD or AWD

The Lyriq comes in two configurations, RWD and AWD. This gives you the pleasure of a real luxury vehicle feeling with either setup. The RWD layout uses one motor to produce 340 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque. This model delivers 312 miles of driving range. Moving to the AWD version, you have 500 horsepower, giving you a lot more power. Both models churn out the power and give you a fantastic drive in a brand-new but extremely impressive luxury SUV.

2. The Lyriq Charges Impressively Fast

The at-home Level 2 charging rate is 19.2-kW per hour, which equals about 52 miles of added driving range per hour. That means this electric SUV can recharge fully overnight without the need to use a DC Fast Charging station. If you do need to use a DC Fast Charger at some point during your drive, the charging rate increases to 196 kW or up to 76 miles of added driving range in only 10 minutes for the RWD model of this impressive electric SUV.

3. Check Out the Animated Lighting

The Cadillac Lyriq has lighting that dances across the front and puts on a show. How many vehicles can say that? The special lighting signatures include 736 lighting patterns that begin to move and create animated displays when you arrive at the vehicle. This makes it seem like the Lyriq is happy to see you and ready to head out for some time on the road. You’ll love the way the lights move and how incredible it feels to have a luxury vehicle that begins the experience before you step inside.

4. The Design is Truly Next Gen

The Lyriq doesn’t have a traditional grille because it doesn’t need one. This amazing electric SUV delivers more sound-deadening technology than traditional gasoline models, ensuring you can enjoy the drive without the worry that you’ll hear everything on the road. Electric vehicles are made to be silent, and this one is extremely quiet on the inside while offering the benefits of the Cadillac design elements that offer bold shapes and sharp lines from every vantage point.

5. Ultium Battery Platform

The design and build of the Ultium batteries take up less space than other EV batteries, allowing this platform to offer more power and versatility in design and use. While some batteries can only be stacked one way, the Ultium batteries used in the Cadillac Lyriq can be stacked both horizontally and vertically. This versatility allows any EV built using this platform to take on any shape or size. These batteries are being used for all GM EVs going forward.

6. Check Out Those Wheels

The finishing touches for the styling elements of this impressive electric Cadillac are the wheels. The standard 20-inch sculpted wheels look amazing, but there are several options for the desired wheels and tires to ensure every customer has a look they want when buying this electric SUV. This SUV can be had with 22-inch wheels that wear low-profile tires, giving it an impressive style and the look you want. The tires were also designed to be ideal for driving the Lyriq, giving you a completely finished, high-quality product.

7. Super Cruise is Coming Later

The initial offering of the Cadillac Lyriq doesn’t have Super Cruise technology built in, but it has all the hardware in place to add it with over-the-air updates. This feature works as a semi-autonomous driving technology that allows you to rest your hands and feet while on mapped highways. To date, GM has mapped out more than 230,000 highways in the United States, which gives you plenty of places where you can use this feature once it’s sent to the Lyriq through the updates.

8. The Lyriq Offers Above-Average Driving Range

The RWD version of the Lyriq offers 312 miles of driving range, which should be more than enough for most daily driving needs. While on the road trip, you may need to add range regularly, but at least you can travel for more than 300 miles between charging stations. Many new EVs are hitting the 300-mile range, but the Lyriq certainly sits in the mix, offering an expected level of driving range to give you plenty of driving distance to make this a useful SUV.

9. This SUV has a Unique Front and Rear Suspension Layout

Both the front and rear suspensions of the Lyriq use a five-link setup to offer smooth driving and tight handling for this SUV. This setup ensures you can have individual wheels act appropriately during driving. Whether you’re pushing this Cadillac SUV through some hard corners for some fun or you want a smooth and compliant ride that keeps your babies asleep in the back, this Cadillac delivers the desired feeling when you’re out on the road.

10. The AKG Studio Sound System is Impressive

You’ll find 19 amazing speakers in the Cadillac Lyriq. This gives the AKG Studio Sound System the amazing performance you desire when you want to listen to your favorite music while driving down an open stretch of road. Adding this amazing sound system ensures you have the right vehicle to enjoy the romance of what a road trip should be. Get out on the open road, turn up the music, and just drive. This is what driving across this glorious country is all about.

Are you convinced? The new Cadillac Lyriq offers an amazing package of features while being one of the most impressive and attractive new electric SUVs in the market. Will this luxury SUV be the one you drive every day?

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