Can your Dealership use Influencers for Car Sales?

Can your Dealership use Influencers for Car Sales?

The practice of using social media influencers for car sales has become a staple of digital marketing.

You need people that are willing to use their influence; hence the name, to suggest their audience spend time, shop, and buy a vehicle from your dealership. This message isn’t going to be free, but it is an important one that can give you the boost you need. Let’s explore why and how you should use influencers to increase your car sales and get your name out to the market.

An Audience Ready to Receive a Message

Automotive influencers already have a large audience that follows their messages, uses their videos, and respects their suggestions. This large audience likely has many people in your local area that are interested in what these authorities have to say.

You won’t have to spend time cultivating a following or building an audience on social media. In fact, as you connect to the posts, tweets, and messages posted by the influencer you hired, your audience will likely grow. These professionals know how to share the message and promote your dealership to their audience.

The Expertise is Unmatched

When you hire automotive influencers to boost your car sales, you’re hiring an expert in the field that understands cars, their audience, and how to bring the two together at your dealership. The followers they have trusted their advice because it’s been proven to work.

An influencer has typically spent many years building their expertise, trust, and respect in their chosen industry. They also have a genuine enthusiasm for the automotive industry and will promote your dealership with positive messages, a lot of energy, and tons of excitement. The people that follow these influencers are likely to listen to them when they recommend your dealership.

Set the Trend in Your Area

Do you have new vehicles heading to your dealership? Is there a brand-new model that is being offered for the brand that’s on your sign? Before other dealers snatch up the attention and start the trend, hire the right automotive influencer to take your new cars for a test drive and talk about the amazing features and qualities of the vehicles that you have for sale.

You want your location to be the destination, and setting the trend can make that happen. Influencers are experts at setting trends; find one that will help you get the message out.

Content Creation Done Right

You might think that you need to create content for your audience one way, but the influencer you’re working with will know the latest trends, the audience personality, and understand how to make the content stand out.

Let your influencers create the content that will improve your car sales with the quality of the message, the presentation, and the reach they have with their large audience. Pay attention and see if there are some tips and trends that you can learn while working with the influencer that you hire to promote your dealership.

Visual is the Greatest Avenue for Your Message

The influencer that’s working to put your message out to the local area will likely use Instagram and YouTube to spread the word. What makes these two social media platforms better than some of the others? These two are inherently visual in nature.

Your message can be shared with videos, images, stories, and links on these two platforms, making it easy for the audience to understand exactly what you’re selling and where you are. The visual nature allows you to bring focus to your message and allow your influencer to promote your brand.

There is a Cost, but it’s Worth the Price

You won’t be able to hire automotive influencers to help you improve your car sales for cheap. These professionals come at a price, but the return you enjoy will greatly outperform the cost you spend. This is a smart investment in the future of your dealership and a great way to bring attention to a promotion, new models, your dealership, and to build an audience. With the use of influencer marketing, your dealership will become the destination location for your local shoppers when they have automotive needs.

Localize and Personalize Your Message

If you’re not interested in hiring an outside person or company to promote your brand, there is another solution. The sales team that you’ve built can be the influencers you need to improve car sales. This team has a vested interest in your dealership becoming successful.

Allowing your team to share test drive videos, model tours, showroom tours, and promote your brand gives your message a personal touch. This might be exactly what your customers are looking for when they see your dealership name on social media.

Your Team, Your Message, Done Right

When you utilize the sales team at your dealership to become the frontline promoters of your message, you get to control the narrative and showcase your vehicles the way you desire. It is possible that you miss the mark that would be hit by hiring a professional influencer, but your customers may appreciate seeing a face that will be the same person to sell them their next car.

Using social media to promote your dealership through your sales team allows your employees to reach out to their family, friends, neighbors, and other contacts to bring them to your dealership. This could be an untapped audience that is ready to buy a new or used vehicle from you.

Find the Right Way to Share Your Message

Automotive influencers have a proven track record of helping dealerships improve car sales, but some customers respond much better to a personal message and a familiar face. What does this mean for you?

If you have room in your marketing budget for an influencer, go ahead and hire one to help promote your dealership and increase your audience. This is something you might only do once or twice, but the consistent message should come from your sales team that’s working to promote your brand and show the local audience what they have to offer.

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