The 2022 Rivian R1S Unique and Right for Your Adventures

The 2022 Rivian R1S Unique and Right for Your Adventures

Some of the boutique automakers tend to come and go, but with the Rivian R1S in the mix, it seems the Rivian brand could be here to stay.

This SUV is the first to make it to the market from this electric vehicle brand. You can easily find a quality drive, amazing performance, and the premium build that you’re looking for when you take the R1S out for a drive. What you might not know, which just might make a difference to you, is the fact that this automaker is based in Irvine, CA, making the R1S an American-made product.

An Uncompromising Drive for You

The benefits of what you find in this Rivian SUV is the fact that it’s made to be comfortable when you’re driving it around on the road, but it’s also made to give you the performance you’re looking for when you head out on the trails. The suspension and handling are impressive and made to keep you where you want to be during your time behind the wheel. If you choose the R1S, you’ll be more than happy to take it out for a drive and to show it off, even if the friends you show it off to are deep in the woods.

What makes this SUV Attractive to You?

The Rivian R1S comes with a variety of qualities that you’re sure to admire. You’ll find a premium, high-tech interior that feels futuristic and ready for you. This SUV can handle the rough trails and go where you want. When the batteries are fully charged, you’ve got 316 miles of driving range in this Rivian. Finally, you’ll find unique styling and a standard Driver+ system which is a hands-free driving assistance system to give you an easy way to relax when you’re on the highway.

Contemporary Design Greets You in the Cabin

You’ll find a pair of large digital displays in the dashboard to give you the information and readings you’re looking for. One of these displays is the gauge cluster, while the other is your infotainment screen.

Enjoy the vegan leather materials and recycled floor mats that make it easy for you to admire the greenness of this SUV. The R1S can be had with three rows of seats, but you can have this SUV with only two rows of seats to give you tons of cargo room for the stuff you need to take along for the ride.

The Style Looks a Little Familiar

The application of a boxy build has been successful for many high-end SUVs, which is why the Rivian R1S uses this style for the look you want to enjoy. The biggest difference between the R1S and other boxy SUVs is the fact that the Rivian is an EV. You can have up to 14.9 inches of ground clearance with this SUV, thanks to the adjustable suspension. Its also possible to wade through up to three feet of water, giving you a vehicle that can ford through the rivers and streams you will need to cross.

Safety and Adventure Made to Impress You

Every model of the R1S comes with the Driver+ system to give you a break from driving. You don’t actually get to take a nap or watch a movie, but you can relax a little more and allow this semi-autonomous system to take over for a little while.

This SUV also has the Off-Road Upgrade you want when it’s time for you to head out into the rough part of the wilderness. This upgrade package adds reinforced underbody shields, dual front tow hooks, and an air compressor to give you more of the items you’ll need when you’re away from civilization.

Rivian Gives you an Abundance of Excellent Features

When you select the Rivian R1S, you’ll have tons of features and decisions to make. You’ll find a battery pack that lasts for more than 300 miles, the option of either five or seven seats, impressive vegan leather upholstery, heated front seats, driver-seat lumbar adjustment, a textile headliner, recycled floor mats, and a power rear liftgate.

The Driver+ safety tech suite is standard on every model of the R1S. This suite gives you the Driver+ feature but also offers you the benefits of adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and driver alert monitoring.

Move up from the base model to the Adventure trim, and you’ll find more items for your driving pleasure. This trim has the Off-Road Upgrade, a Rivian Elevation audio system by Meridian, ash wood interior trim, perforated vegan leather upholstery, heated and ventilated front seats, lumbar support for the front passenger, Compass Yellow interior accents, a recycled microfiber headliner, and a set of Chilewich floor mats.

If you want to enjoy the Launch Edition model, you’ll have a vehicle that’s equipped similar to the Adventure model, but it has special badging, Launch Green paint, and upgraded wheels.

Very Few Options are Offered

Rivian doesn’t offer a long list of options, but you can add the Off-Road Upgrade package to the base Explore trim. Other than that, the only options you’ll find are for the paint color, wheel style, and whether or not you have a five or seven-seat vehicle.

What Powers this SUV

Every model of the Rivian R1S is powered by four electric motors to give you the power needed for a great drive. We don’t have the power numbers, but we do know this package can rocket this SUV to sixty mph in three seconds, and you can tow up to 7,700 pounds behind this vehicle. The driving range is 316 miles when you have a full charge.

Will you venture into the electric SUV class for your next vehicle? Do you want an SUV that is both easy to take to the environment and environmentally friendly? Check out what the R1S has to offer and be the first person on your block to own this unique SUV from a boutique automaker that will certainly find success in the automotive market.

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