Dependable Driving Matters in the Vehicle You Drive

Dependable Driving Matters in the Vehicle You Drive

The reliability we see today comes in the form of how everything works. Here are the most reliable and dependable brands in the market.

It’s easy to visit car dealerships and get to know the vehicle models you’re looking at when it’s time buy a new or used car. However, it really helps to do a little homework before you ultimately decide which make and model you can really trust.

It’s important that you can trust the vehicle that you drive to perform for you the way you want. While we don’t face many times when the powertrains or regular workings of a vehicle fail us any longer, we do have times when the new electronics and safety systems offered in modern vehicles could fail and give us a bit of trouble.


Ford found its way into the top ten most dependable brands in the market with a change to the reliability scores that showed this brand improving by twenty points. With more SUVs and trucks, you’ll enjoy the quality and dependability of the Ford models that you can take out and enjoy when its time to take a drive on the roads in your area.


The ninth spot in the list of brands is occupied by Chevrolet to give us a great lineup of vehicles that can be easy to drive and depend on when its time to get in and have the ride you’re looking for. Pick from the long list of trucks and SUVs that are part of this brand and see how easy it is to enjoy the experience you’ll have when you have a Chevrolet and take a drive.


The brand that is tied with Chevrolet for the ninth spot on the list is BMW. Unfortunately for both BMW and Chevrolet, the scores for this model year were worse than the previous year, but they both still make their way into the top ten brands when it comes to reliability and dependability for the drive you’re looking for. Get in and take a new BMW for a drive today.


You might not think of the Lincoln brand very often, but this impressive upscale brand that brings you higher-quality models that are related to the Ford models is in the seventh spot to give you the feeling you want to enjoy when you take a drive. This brand shows an impressive level of improvement by improving by 28 points when it comes to the dependability scores.


We see another German brand making its way into the top ten with Volkswagen showing up in the sixth position on this list. This is another brand that shows impressive improvement over last year to give you the level of dependability you’re looking for. Get behind the wheel of the Volkswagen that you want to drive and enjoy today.


It’s easy to enjoy the dependability of Toyota which is a brand that has been at or near the top of the list for many years. Last year, Toyota ranked second, now its fifth, which means a drop in the market for
this brand with other brands making their way toward the top to give us more dependable models. The Toyota brand continues to be one of the most reliable that you can enjoy.


While a sports car brand isn’t necessarily in need of being a dependable brand, the Porsche brand offers us more than just sports cars now. This brand now gives us SUVs and a four-door car to make a difference for the drive. The fourth position in this list is where you’ll find Porsche to make it easy for you to have a fun and active car that you can trust or an amazing SUV.


If you want premium quality and you’re willing to pay a little extra to have it, you’ll also want to enjoy the benefits of a dependable brand. The Buick brand is the right brand for you and it shows up in the third spot with a stunning score and the beauty and comfort that you want to enjoy when you’re looking for when you get behind the wheel for a drive.


The top of the dependability list doesn’t come in the form of the Lexus brand, but this brand does come close. The second spot is pretty darn good and that’s where you’ll find Lexus when you’re looking at the dependability scores that will be right for you. Get in and take a new Lexus out for a drive with the confidence that everything will work right at all times.


The top of the list is where you’ll find the Genesis brand which is one of the newest luxury brands in the market. This brand gives you the highest scores and offers you the most impressive vehicles in the market with everything working the right way at all times. Choose this brand and enjoy the drive in a new Genesis today.

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