Buick Regal Sportback: Uniqueness in the Midsize Sedan Class

Buick Regal Sportback: Uniqueness in the Midsize Sedan Class

If you’re searching for premium qualities in the midsize class, you need to take a look at the 2018 version of the Buick Regal Sportback today.

While you may feel like being told there’s a midsize sedan that looks and acts differently from the rest on the market, and you don’t feel like that can be the case, the new Regal Sportback is much different than the rest. For the 2018 model year, Buick offers us this sedan which is not really a sedan any longer.

The Buick Regal Sportback is Different

Instead, this is one long and sleek hatchback that offers you exquisite styling with long flowing lines and a massive rear cargo area that can swallow up nearly everything you can think of to put in the area when you drive. If you’ve been searching for a car that’s different and a serious alternative to the rest of the market, the Regal Sportback can be ideal for your driving enjoyment.

This car offers you the flexibility you want, the premium features you’ve enjoyed from Buick, and the power you need for the drive. You can increase this power by choosing the Regal GS which makes use of a tremendous V6 engine under the hood to make certain you can have an exciting car to drive and show off in when you head out on the road.

Room for the Stuff You Need

You’ve known the name of the Buick Regal for many years and this has been the midsize sedan from the premium brand that brings you the drive that makes it easy for you to have a great ride. Now, Buick has turned this sedan into a slicked-back car that has the style you’ve only seen in larger luxury modes.

Whether you need to carry a bike to the paths, a variety of items that you need at the destination, or you want to have the added comfort and power of the GS, you’re sure to admire what the Regal Sportback is when you take it for a ride.

More of What You Want in the Buick Regal Sportback

In addition to being a car that offers you an incredible rear hatch and the ability to have the power you want, this sedan is offered with AWD to make sure you can have the added control you need when you drive. If you choose this car for your drive, you’ll have the benefit of the Buick traction-enhancing system that allows the power to be placed to the wheels that need it most to give you the traction you want when you drive.

Bring it Together at Buick

This is a car that brings everything together you want so that you can have the versatility that makes a difference for you on the road. Come in and see your nearby Buick dealership today and let them take you out for a ride in this car. You’ll be sure to agree it has to be the right choice for you to drive and enjoy the qualities offered on a daily basis.

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